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Dr. Geetika Singh

NewMumLife is a parenting website for moms, dads and child care. We aim to offer a place to connect parents and parents-to-be for all types of parenting advice and suggestions to the questions they normally face. Our content is for the parents and by the parents where they share their personal experiences to benefit our parenting community.

Hi there! I am Geetika, a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Applications and an Assistant Professor by profession.

Parenting is a beautiful journey and a great feeling indeed. Our child makes us complete. The sense of belonging and a feeling that you get as you hold your child in your arms, is priceless. But obviously, it is nothing less than being on a roller coaster ride! Where there are smiles, laughter or wonderful moments, there are sleepless nights, depressive thoughts and a feeling of self-discrimination as well.

Some days are good, and, of course, some days are bad. Nothing is actually predictable. What works good for one, will never work for you! And why not... Your child is so unique!

My motherhood journey started with the birth of my daughter, Ananya, in 2018. And yes, Ananya made me complete in all terms. The moment I come back from work and see her beautiful smile, oh my gosh!! she makes me forget everything. The way she cozies in my arms, the way she hugs me, I love her everything. Like all of you beautiful mommies and daddies, this journey was not easy for me as well (not even today).

And then one day, came the idea for this "connecting place" – NewMumLife, to connect with other parents and share this journey together. I always had so many queries and doubts in my mind but no reliable place to look for. So, why not interact with the parents themselves?

And here it is...I really wish to make this place as one of the most trusted and reliable solutions for new parents where they can easily open up their hearts or even ask the minutest of their doubts.

Let’s share.

Dr. Geetika Singh

Founder, NewMumLife