The name is a gift given by the parents to the child that goes for a lifetime. Hence, it needs to be selected wisely. The name also gives a sense of who we are, the community, and the place we belong to. A traditional custom name rooted to the culture and a little trendy is what as parents we usually search for. We have sorted a list of baby boy names starting with ‘A’ in Sanskrit.

In this article, we have stated the meaning, the traits, and the values of each name. Check the rundown and select the one that goes best with the family connections.

27 Baby Boy Names Starting With A in Sanskrit

As the name significantly affects our presence, we have in the bag, the baby boy names starting with ‘A’ in Sanskrit that is good to speak and easy to pronounce. Have a look!

1. Aagam

Aagam means - Arrival

As the name says, Aagam is the arrival of the boy who is a gem and is adaptable to all the changes. He has an admirable and marvellous personality. A boy named Aagam is passionate about work and is well determined. A perfectionist and an honest boy.

2. Ajar

Ajar means - Forever

Loving and caring by nature is the basic trait of the boy named Ajar. He always tries to finish his work with dedication and perfection. A modest, disciplined, fearless boy has a clear vision for the life.

3. Aariketh

Aariketh means - Ganesh

Aariketh is a trustworthy and cooperative boy who is liked by all the people around him. He has a spiritual mind and believes in destiny. The boy has a leading personality and towering confidence. With his rigid determination, he can attain big heights in his career.

4. Aashrith

Aashrith means - One who gives shelter, God of wealth

A strong-minded boy who works with determination is the basic attribute of the name Aashrith. He has a promising nature and is a quick decision-maker. He is likely to ascend the ladder of success with his artistic traits. Calm, peace-loving, and caring is the boy named Aashrith.

5. Akshath

Akshath means - Unbreakable

Akshath has a pleasing personality and this helps to achieve popularity. An extrovert boy is capable to handle every kind of situation. An honest, obedient, and brave boy who is full of confidence. He can achieve great success with devotion and prudent work.

6. Abhyuday

Abhyuday means - To rise; Progress

The boy named Abhyuday is a natural leader and has good determination power. He is independent and has a clear vision. A kind-hearted boy who is friendly by nature and is creative in his works. A Responsible and a caring boy.

7. Aavish

Aavish means - Holy incarnation

A happy-going boy who sets his own path for the life. He is ambitious and likes to work for a social cause. Aavish is mature and sensible. He is capable to balance any kind of situation. The boy is inspirational and idealistic with high inner strength and devotion.

8. Aadyot

Aadyot means - Praise

Aadyot is an imaginative boy with creative talent in the arts. He is optimistic and extremely enthusiastic about life and living. His mind is analytical with sound judgment. Self-controlled, well-organized, kind-hearted are the attributes of the name.

9. Anutosh

Anutosh means - Light

The boy named Anutosh is well equipped with good managerial skills. He has outstanding organizational and administrative capabilities. The boy is realistic and has a practical approach to business affairs. Ambitious, energized, determined are the characteristics of the boy named Anutosh.

10. Abhinu

Abhinu means - Brave man

Abhinu is a skilled boy with keen administrative capabilities. He is a fine leader and has problem-solving abilities. The boy can accomplish his goals with his talents and efforts. Excellent at organizing, systematic, responsible, and reliable is the boy named Abhinu. Honesty and sincerity are the added traits of the name.

11. Aarav

Aarav means - Sound

Observant, analytic, calm is the boy named Aarav. He is the boy who pursues knowledge with vigour and could be a good preacher too. The boy has a rational approach to the people around him and has excellent communication skills. Friendly, social, Aarav has an outstanding trait of maintaining emotional and mental balance.

12. Ayan

Ayan means - Lord Shiva; Movement of Sun

Ayan is endowed with wonderful characteristics of talents and versatility. He is a good multi-tasker and can manage them well. A clever, analytical, quick thinker is the basic attribute of the boy named Ayan. He is sensitive towards others and a bit emotional too. Ayan can very well handle any situation with his tact.

13. Akhil

Akhil means - Whole; Complete

Akhil is the master of adaptability and change. He is good at presenting ideas and has a good approach to know people. He has an edge for entertainment and can lead his path in the same field. Clever, determined, and honest are the characteristics of Akhil.

14. Adhrit

Adhrit means - Lord Vishnu

As the name says, Adhrit is the boy who supports everyone and is sensitive towards the people. He has a good sense of responsibility and can balance any inharmonious situation. Adhrit is loving, caring, kind, and appreciative of others. With his ambition and determination, he is capable of attaining success.

15. Aagney

Aagney - Son of fire

Aagney is an ambitious and goal-oriented boy. He is full of energy and has towering confidence. With a positive attitude and managerial skills, he can be a good leader. Knowledgeable, wise, determined are the attributes of the name Aagney.

16. Advait

Advait means - Unique

Enthusiastic and imaginative is the boy named Advait. He is a good conversationalist and has a charming personality. His inner strength and devotion to his beliefs are extremely strong. Advait is calm and has a positive mindset.

17. Abeer

Abeer means - Fragrance

Abeer has an unconventional approach to set his work. He is apt to be a great leader and is fearless to find new directions for getting things done. Abeer has a practical approach and his perceptions are different from the common ones. An idealist with a clear vision is Abeer.

18. Achyut

Achyut means - Imperishable

The boy named Achyut is an outstanding personality who is always inclined to give comfort to others. He is devoted to working for the community. Responsible, loving, caring, and devoted is the boy named Achyut. He is practical having a good sense of financial analytics.

19. Advay

Advay means - Unique

Advay, as the name says, is unique in his ways of work. He has the skills and abilities to establish a business with great efficiency. Advay has good planning abilities and is well-determined for the same. He is sensitive towards others and a tactful diplomat.

20. Aryan

Aryan means - Noble; Civilized

A good multi-tasker and a versatile character is the boy named Aryan. He is clever, analytical, and a quick decision-maker. Aryan is persuasive but never forceful. He is affectionate, loving, and caring for his friends and family.

21. Ahan

Ahan means - First ray of Sun; Dawn

Ahan is sympathetic, devoted, and concerned for the people around him and for his work too. He is capable of balancing the mental and emotional aspects of life. Ahan has creative and artistic talents. A positive mind and enthusiastic personality is Ahan.

22. Akshay

Akshay means - Indestructible

A boy named Akshay has the potential to work well with others. He is a modest boy and does not look for credits for his accomplishments. Akshay motivates others and is a very courteous and cooperative boy. He has the capacity to become an outstanding facilitator.

23. Akshit

Akshit has an analytical approach for the life and has a pleasing personality. He has good leadership skills and works well with others. Akshit is determined, independent, honest, and loyal. He is very attainment-oriented and driven to success.

24. Ashvath

Ashvath means - Strong

Thought, analysis, and introspection are the characteristics of the name Ashvath. He has a natural inclination towards spirituality and is a kind-hearted boy. Ashvath has the ability to learn difficult subjects and he pursues to gains a thorough knowledge of the subject. Friendly and tactful is the boy named Ashvath.

25. Achal

Achal means - Stable

Achal is extremely capable of analyzing and judging things and situations with his good observation skills. He is good at making friends and is sensitive towards others. Achal has the ability to be a leader and has a rational approach. He can handle all kinds of situations with his kind behavior.

26. Adil

Adil means - Sincere

The boy named Adil has good managerial skills and is well organized. He is very ambitious, determined, and goal-oriented. The boy is a loyal friend and completely fair in dealings in the work area. He can be a political leader or someone with a powerful attribute.

27. Adhiraj

Adhiraj means - King

Adhiraj is a helpful and ever conscientious boy. He is capable of balancing any difficult situation. The boy has an artistic and creative flair. He is kind, generous, and sympathetic towards others, and ready to help people. His inner strength and practical approach make him fulfil all his dreams.

Our name is a vital part of our identity and tells a larger story of our being. The easy and right pronunciation is a must while we are choosing a name for the baby. Though, many factors affect the traits of a child but the name is the most important one. The list of the baby boy names starting with ‘A’ in Sanskrit would probably help to choose a good name that defines the attributes of the baby boy with the right considerations.

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