Have you ever looked at the face of a child who is trying to put together the pieces of a puzzle or fitting a piece of a block? You would see the concentration on the face and the effort of his play and realize that play-time isn’t only about fun. It is an important activity that makes a child develop life skills and baby and kids' brain development toys are the tools to make that possible.

A child’s brain is always hungry for neural stimulation. The impact that an appropriate selection of toys can make lasts a lifetime. A good toy will not only develop an interest in learning but also triggers inquisitiveness and develops problem-solving skills.

Here in this article, we list the best toys that make a child learn both social and emotional skills and are important for stimulating brain development. We provide an age-appropriate distribution, ranging from babies to school-age kids, to make it possible for you to choose the right product for your little one.

Best Baby Brain Development Toys (0 to 1 Year Old)

The first year of life is just about exploration and babies explore the world around them through toys. Though your baby might look super cozy in the swing or the bouncer, you need to make them reach their mini-milestones of development. At this stage, babies always try to mouth the objects, pick them, bang them, drop them, or feel them. They are developing new motor skills and with time, their play-time becomes more coordinated.

  • At about 3 months of age, babies start trying to grab objects. You must have experienced this when you put a rattle in front of your baby’s face. They try to recognize something is in front of them, catch it, and put it in their mouth.
  • When they reach around 6 months of age, they can transfer objects between their hands. They have transformed into interactive human beings who smile, giggle, or laugh around!
  • As they move towards the end of 9 months, they have developed a “pincer grasp” which enables them to pick up smaller objects and they start working on blocks, and other object-based toys. They get stronger and stronger and try to move around.

Purpose of Toys at This Stage

Toys at this stage should focus on stimulation of five senses and developing the baby’s essential life skills including:

  • Developing hand-eye coordination
  • Learning cause and effect
  • Strengthening neck, back, and lower-body muscles
  • Improve problem-solving skills
  • Motor skills development
  • Develop sensory skills and coordination
  • Visual and sensory stimulation
  • Balancing upper body and walking

Smart Baby Brain Development Toys

Here is a list of the best baby brain development toys that may help in the brain stimulation:

Sr. No.ProductsBuy Now
1Baby Einstein Take Along TunesBuy From Amazon
2Little's Junior RingBuy From Amazon
3Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Soft Baby ToyBuy From Amazon
4VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning WalkerBuy From Amazon
5Vtech Pull & Sing PuppyBuy From Amazon
6Infantino Textured Multi Ball SetBuy From Amazon
7Fat Brain Toys DimplBuy From Amazon
8B. One Two Squeeze BlocksBuy From Amazon
9Sassy Ring O LinksBuy From Amazon
10Fisher-Price Original Deluxe Kick & Play Piano GymBuy From Amazon
11Disney Baby Bath Squirt ToysBuy From Amazon

Best Brain Development Toys for Toddlers (1-3 Years Old)

Toddlers are aware of their surroundings. You will notice that they don’t just sit around, they jump and start their involvement. They know how the world around them behaves. At this stage, they like playing and stacking things or play with pretend and play toys. They will understand shapes, colors, sounds, and would love to play with such toys. Playing with balls will be one of their favorite activities by now. As they reach 2 years of age, they will love scribbling with crayons, or building shapes and towers. They will also develop some interest in simple puzzles.

Purpose of Brain Development Toys for 1 Year Old at This Stage

At this stage, you need to select those brain development toys for toddlers that are highly interactive and work on these skills:

  • Stimulating cognitive growth
  • Identifying type, shapes, and colors
  • Encourage creativity and thinking
  • Teach problem-solving ability
  • Improving strength and accuracy
  • Develop coordination and vocabulary

Smart Brain Development Toys for Toddlers

The best brain development toys for toddlers that you can choose at this stage include:

Sr. No.ProductsBuy Now
1Galaxy Hi-Tech Activity CubeBuy From Amazon
2VTech Sort & Discover Activity CubeBuy From Amazon
3Play-Doh Shape & Learn Numbers & CountingBuy From Amazon
4LEGO DUPLO Number Train Building Blocks for KidsBuy From Amazon
5Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building BagBuy From Amazon
6Vibgyor Vibes Wood Jigsaw Puzzles for ChildrenBuy From Amazon
7Melissa & Doug Vehicles Peg PuzzleBuy From Amazon
8Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Toddler ToyBuy From Amazon
9Luxor Carioca: Valorous Marker Round Tip with washable ink Buy From Amazon
10Faber-Castell Kindergarten Grip Crayons - Pack of 10Buy From Amazon
11Imperial English Uk Essential FlashcardsBuy From Amazon
12VTech Little Apps TabletBuy From Amazon
13Popsugar Baby's First Blocks Buy From Amazon

Best Brain Development Toys for Pre-Schoolers and Kindergarteners

Pre-schoolers enter into their world of imagination. They have their fantasies. They will learn new things every day and would know how these “toys” even work. Their play will get more and more complex and they will start working on jigsaw puzzles or construction sets. Kids at this stage have long attention spans than toddlers and like experimentations. They ask a lot of questions too!

Purpose of Toys at This Stage

Toys at this stage focus on the following basic skills:

  • Teach basic math concepts
  • Improve concentration
  • Explore basic science discoveries
  • Enhance creativity
  • Social and emotional development
  • Teach through self-practicing
  • Develop language skills and vocabulary
  • Strengthen muscles and improve flexibility

Smart Brain Development Toys for Pre-schoolers

Here is a list of the best brain development toys for preschoolers:

Sr. No.ProductsBuy Now
1Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks SetBuy From Amazon
2Melissa & Doug On the Go Water WowBuy From Amazon
3Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Magical Oven Play Food Set Buy From Amazon
4National Geographic Play SandBuy From Amazon
5LEGO Classic Bricks on a Roll Building BlocksBuy From Amazon
6Shumee Wooden Toys- Lil Chef's Wooden Cooking SetBuy From Amazon
7Shumee Wooden Mini Bowling Pins Toy SetBuy From Amazon
9ButterflyFields Magnetic Shapes Puzzles Toys for KidsBuy From Amazon
10Melissa & Doug Vehicles Jigsaw Puzzles in a BoxBuy From Amazon
11Webby Learn Words with Vowels Jigsaw PuzzleBuy From Amazon
12Leapfrog Mr. Pencil's Scribble and WriteBuy From Amazon
13Learning Friends 100 Words BookBuy From Amazon
14VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk DeluxeBuy From Amazon

Toys create a huge space for learning and kids won’t even realize they’re learning. They should have fun exploring the world around them. While choosing the best baby or kids’ brain development toys, consider your child’s aptitude and age. Toys that are too complex for their age won’t engage them ever. Some toys can be expensive too. Do consider their longevity before making a purchase. Always prefer products that grow with your child.

Remember, your kid’s best play-mate is always you. It will be you who will first show your baby how to arrange those blocks. It will be you who will make your baby play different sounds. So, never underestimate your importance!

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