Confused, Stressed! Picking a sobriquet for the little princess in the lap. Release the stress, we have put down some baby girl names in Marathi. In any case, what about choosing one over some espresso? Tasting espresso will keep you once more while perusing ahead and the stress under control. Now, we together can figure out the top 31 baby girl names in Marathi.

Marathi is an official language of Maharashtra derived from the Indo-Aryan language. Inspired by the way of life, keeping explicit category, honoring the legacy, and the cultural roots we have listed unique Marathi baby girl names and will select one that will distinguish the girl from the crowd.

The Best 31 Baby Girl Names in Marathi

Sorting the baby girl names in Marathi- understanding the culture, traditions, family esteems, a deep meaning, profound importance, and the fundamental attributes.

1. Aadhyavi

 Aadhyavi means - Warrior; Princess

Aadhyavi is blessed with business skills. She has a decent temperament and a good reputation. The girl with the name Aadhyavi believes in helping others. Trustworthiness, decency, self-sufficiency are few characteristics of the name. It is surely one of the most beautiful Marathi names for girls.

2. Aadwidha

Aadwidha means - Original; Perfection

The girl named Aadwidha is responsible, generous, and protective. She nurtures the family well in a complete planned manner. The girl is sentimental, friendly, and sympathetic. Loyalty, selflessness, kindness, sincerity are the best qualities of Aadwidha.

3. Aaritra

Aaritra means - Navigator; One who shows the right path

Goal-oriented, caring, sensitive are the attributes of the name Aaritra. The girl named Aaritra feels things deeply and is spiritual. She is open-minded, curious, and visionary. Though versatile, she is honest and trustworthy. She is typically philosophical and keeps the family bonded together.

4. Abheesha

Abheesha means - Goddess of will; companion

Abheesha is hard-working, creative, and innovative. She analyzes the situation well and makes decisions accordingly. The girl named Abheesha is blessed with wonderful management skills. She is patient, reliable with immense knowledge. The girl is well-focused and intelligent.

5. Bhavyani

Bhavyani means - part of grand

Strong-willed and practical are the characteristics of the girl with the name Bhavyani. She is daring, progressive, and well-focused. Being full of energy, she is optimistic and works with full potential to achieve her dreams. Bhavyani is independent, enthusiastic, and brave.

6. Baruna

Baruna means - A goddess; wife of lord of sea

The girl named Baruna is wise and stands for justice. She is honest and willing to help others. The fun-loving, sensitive, expressive, and social girl, reflects a strong personality. She is creative, lover of art with high self-esteem. Isn’t it one of the most classic Marathi names for girls?

7. Chaitali

Chaitali means - Born in month of Chaitra; Blessed with good memory

Chaitali is a leader, courageous, and optimistic. The girl named Chaitali is influential, inventive, and success-oriented. She reflects kindness and is eager to help others. Friendly, spiritual, inventive, and humanitarian are the wonderful traits of the name.

8. Charvi

Charvi means - Beautiful woman; Lovely

Analytical expert and philosophical is the girl named Charvi. She is spiritual and a good speaker. With deep understanding and knowledge, she analyses everything and seeks truth. Charvi is a fearless, studious and independent girl.

9. Darshita

Darshita means - Good morning; Sight

Darshita is determined and grounded. The girl named Darshita is charming, kind-hearted, and imaginative. She is bold, self-sufficient, and yearning. The girl is all set to face any kind of challenge and aim to work for the better.

10. Denura

Denura means - Devotee of Lord Krishna

The girl named Denura is artistic and talented. She lives an independent life. Though empathetic towards others, she is still goal-oriented and innovative. She encourages others too for the betterment and is spiritual too.

11. Elina

Elina means - woman of intelligence; pure

Quick thinker and a friendly person are Elina's basic traits. She thinks out of the box and is creative and imaginative. Adventurous, visionary, and strong Elina is growth-oriented. The girl named Elina is a free thinker and sensitive. What a beautiful Marathi names for girls!

12. Elakshi

Elakshi means - A woman with bright eyes

Elakshi is a peace lover, persuasive and soft-hearted. She encourages people to live in harmony. The girl named Elakshi is innovative and an admirer of art and beauty. Cooperative, adaptable, tactful, and educated are the exceptional qualities of Elakshi.

13. Fida

Fida means - Redemption; Unconditional Love

The name of Fida reflects artistic nature and love for others. Girl with the name Fida is grounded and pragmatic. She happens to be a good friend and is independent. Being sensitive and emotional is the basic characteristic of this name.

14. Gaurangi

Gaurangi means - Giver of happiness; Another name for Goddess Radha

Gaurangi is empathetic and has a charismatic personality. She is good at multitasking and management. The girl with the name Gaurangi is responsible, balanced, generous, and sincere. She helps people wholeheartedly. A creative thinker with youthful thoughts.

15. Hardika

Hardika means - Full of love

An analytical expert and philosopher is a girl named Hardika. Added with spirituality, she is a fun-loving girl. The name reflects the urge to seek the truth, hence she has good analytical and understanding power. Studious, independent, knowledgeable and practical are the added attributes of the name.

16. Hemanshi

Hemanshi means - One with golden body

Quick thinkers, creativity are basic attributes of a girl named Hemanshi. She is a friendly person and likes to innovate with new ideas. The girl is strong and visionary with a love for family and friends.

17. Inayat

Inayat means – Blessing of god; Kindness

Inayat is a spiritual person and talented speaker. She has the urge to grow and is a goal-oriented girl. The girl named Inayat has philosophical qualities and good intuition. She has a caring attitude with outstanding behavior and intelligence.

18. Jashvita

Jashvita means - Benevolent; Decent

The girl named Jashvita is courageous and optimistic. She is ready to face any kind of challenge and comes out with good solutions. She is talented enough to make people around her enough comfortable to grow. Jashvita is a success-oriented, expressive, and helpful girl.

19. Kimaya

Kimaya means - Divine; Magical

Kimaya is an empathetic, attractive, and charismatic girl. She has good managerial and amazing multitasking skills. Responsible, balanced, generous are the characteristics of the name. Kimaya is sentimental and friendly.

20. Mayra

Mayra means - Admirable; Marvellous

The girl named Mayra is hard-working and thinks in different ways than usual. She has the ability to impress the crowd, still stays calm, stable, and obedient. Mayra is blessed with the skills to tackle difficult situations with ease. Active, organized, trustworthy, and logical and attributes of the name.

21. Nairiti

Nairiti means - Apsara

Nairiti is determined to achieve her goals and never gives up easily. She is always ready to face challenges and come up with the best solutions. The girl named Nairiti is self-sufficient and practical. Absolutely one of the most unique Marathi baby girl names!

22. Nehal

Nehal means - Rainy; Beautiful; Spring

Analyzing the situation and giving the best judgment is a quality of Nehal. She has the ability to manage the situations and the work at her best. Nehal is patient, calm, and stable. She is always active to help others and is kind-hearted.

23. Prisha

Prisha means - God’s gift; Beloved; Loving

The girl named Prisha is the powerhouse of energy. She loves to gain knowledge and develop skills in various fields. Prisha has a pragmatic approach to life. Optimistic attitude and adaptation of change with ease helps them gain success.

24. Shashwati

Shashwati means - Eternal

Shashwati is spiritual and likes to work in an organized way. With enough advice and hard work, she can accumulate experience in life skills which could help her things done easily. She is good at sports and likes to travel. One of the most unique Marathi baby girl names!

25. Saurabhi

Saurabhi means - Possessing fragrance

The girl named Saurabhi is understanding, studious and knowledgeable. She has the skills to analyze situations well and put the facts. Careful attitude and clear awareness are the best traits of Saurabhi.

26. Sanika

Sanika means - Strong minded; Warm hearted

Sanika is dedicated to the perfect kind of working and does it in an organized way. She is imaginative and creative. The girl named Sanika is fond of nature and music is an interesting art for her. She could achieve a lot in life with her ambitions.

27. Sejal

Sejal means - River water; Pure flowing water; Goddess

Sejal is another name for authority and power. She is well organized and has amazing communication skills. Sejal is composed, calm, and has a good friend circle. She is affectionate and kind towards her family and friends. Honest, spiritual, and artistry are added traits of Sejal.

28. Vamika

Vamika means - Durga

Building a bright future is the primary goal of a girl named Vamika. She has a unique ability of communication skills and may flourish in the same kind of career. The girl named Vamika is a symbol of ecstasy. She has rapid growth in her professional life and also loves being with near and dear ones. Compassionate, sympathetic, courageous are the wonderful qualities of Vamika.

29. Vedakshi

Vedakshi means - The one who knows knowledge

Vedakshi has a long-term vision and thinks stably. She is concerned about people around her and loves to be in a serene environment for peace of mind. The girl named Vedakshi has inquisitive nature and high potential to work. She is friendly with good communication skills.

30. Ushika

Ushika means - Dawn worshipper; Another name of Goddess Parvati

The girl named Ushika is family-oriented and is an admirer of talent. She has cool and composed nature and with hard work achieves good success in life. Dance and music could be added talent for Ushika. She has good oratory skills.

31. Udyati

Udyati means - Elevated

Udyati is an ambitious and goal-centered girl. She has a leading personality and has rigid determination. A girl named Udyati can have a flourishing career in literature, teaching, or writing. She is full of energy and realistic in day-to-day life.

Picking a classy and traditional name is an ideal way to honor the culture and such a name has a profound significance that stands valid with the girl as an adult too. The list here with baby girl names in Marathi is imperative so that it is easy to select a name with legitimate importance and attributes.

Shout out loud the name of your preference and let us know the one you picked.

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