Sanskrit is the language that has originated in India since times immemorial. The Sanskrit names for girls have deep meaning and are an honor to the culture. Parents often are confused with the names and their meanings as many of us aren't familiar with the language. We have prepared a rundown of top and unique 30 baby girl names in Sanskrit. Contemplate the right meaning and go for the Sanskrit baby girl names that suit as per the preference. Continue reading for the details.

The Best 30 Sanskrit Baby Girl Names

Here are the best baby girl names in Sanskrit for your little angel. These are unique and most meaningful.

1. Ashritha

Ashritha means – Someone who gives shelter; Goddess Laxmi

Ashritha is the girl who is admired by everyone. She is trustworthy and a good friend. The girl named Ashritha is full of innovative ideas and is creative in her works. She loves to be with people and is a fun-loving girl. Ashritha is friendly and creative.

2. Shambhavi

Shambhavi means – Another name for Goddess Parvati

Shambhavi has a quiet personality and takes time to mix up with everyone. Being creative, she has an artistic side which makes her stand out in the crowd. She is inclined towards creative fields like music, fine arts, theatre art, etc. Shambhavi is a spiritual and a fearless girl.

3. Sejal

Sejal means - Pure water; River water

Sejal is one of the purest Sanskrit baby girl names that itself means pure water. Sejal has a confident personality and is a quick decision-maker. She is organized and spiritual. The girl named Sejal has a good career in authority and power positions like managerial ones or even politics. She has an athletic posture and always embraces her surrounding people. Ambitious and confident are basic traits of the name.

4. Vaidehi

Vaidehi means – Another name for Sita

V for Vaidehi, V for versatility. She is a girl with a golden heart and a heavenly pure soul, making her a bit emotional and sensitive. Vaidehi shines like a diamond and appears as a problem-solver for people around.

5. Ihita

Ihita means – Desire; Goddess Durga; Fighter; Beauty Queen

Ihita is an intellectual girl and full of knowledge. She is honored for her valuable possession. She treasures all her close friends for whom she is always grateful. The girl, Ihita is good at sports and has heroic sportsmanship.

6. Iditri

Iditri means – Complimentary; One with authority and power

She has an intense zest for living. Iditri has a bunch of creative things in her mind, and is always interested in creating or experimenting, seeking improvement in them. Iditri is richly loved by her family and friends. Creative and loving girl.

7. Vishutri

Vishutri means – Fame; Celebrated

The girl is ambitious and confident. Focused on the goal, she always moves ahead carefully. She is the one to live for the moment and enjoys life as a whole. Good communication skills and creating different arts are the best characteristics of Vishutri.

8. Vidurya

Vidurya means – The Cats eye Gem

This girl has a lot of friends and values them all. She is delighted to always get surprised from within. Vidurya is immensely great at many qualities. She is youthful, and up stands her inner-self, and likes to be accountable for her deeds.

9. Swararanjani

Swararanjani means – Name of a Raga

She is a scholar and has a brilliant mind. The girl is progressing to achieve all her goals. She relishes every challenge she faces and is romp while solving or performing them. Swaranjani is joyful and has a wide imagination. Above all, she loves adventures too.

10. Sukrutha

Sukrutha means – Pious

Sukrutha, as the name says, is pious and spiritual. She has a radiant personality making her glow and shine brightly. The girl shows understanding towards others and always enjoys her friendship. Honesty, truthful, and trustworthy are basic traits of the name.

11. Pulakitha

Pulakitha means – Shivering with joy

She has an energetic spirit with infinite possibilities. The girl is determined and truly believes in hard work. She is humble, passionate, and affectionate. Pulakitha loves to get reminded of the old times in her life and feels emotional remembering them. She is loving, caring, and kind hearted.

12. Yashtika

Yashtika means – A string of pearls

Yashtika is a girl who is well organized and likes to follow rules and routines diligently. She pays attention to all minute details while doing any kind of work. Being a scientist is an option as a career for her as she is inquisitive.

13. Chaarani

Chaarani means – A bird nomad

She seeks wisdom and honesty. She is introspective, analytical, scientific and is attracted to the natural and peaceful ambiance. The girl loves perfection which goes along with teaching and spirituality. She has a dignified, tolerant, creative, and individualistic personality.

14. Amodini

Amodini means – Happy girl

Amodini believes in herself and can do every task she reminds herself of. She likes to be original and tends to be herself. The girl named Amodini is intellectual and has knowledge from many outcomes or sources. She feels positive in an organized or neat environment.

15. Sriida

Sriida means – Bestowing wealth and prosperity

She is talented and likes to shares her talents, time, and possession with others. The girl is curious and is intriguing. She is immaculate and loves to be betidy. Sriida is into sports and has athleticism.

16. Grisha

Grisha means - Watchful

Grisha is a practical and status-loving girl. She seeks power and is self-sufficient. Grisha is ambitious and has managerial skills. She loves to lead with abilities to be courageous and authoritative and is a free thinker.

17. Divija

Divija means – Born in heaven Divine

Divija has her ideals on a higher level. She is a virtue trail holder and incorruptible. With the courage to fight and stand for the right thing, she is unbeatable. Divija is jolly and is attractive in and out.

18. Chithira

Chithira means – Name of a star

She is compassionate having the finest side being humble, full of sanity, and impartial. Chithira works hard and only relaxes when she achieves her goal. She loves performing experiments and creating innovative ideas or projects. The girl has a keen interest in adventures and is fearless.

19. Abhitha

Abhitha means – Goddess Parvati

She is adaptive and can survive in any circumstance. Abhitha blossoms like a flower and someone can hardly keep her down. Honesty, being thoughtful, and caring are her characteristics. She has god gifted psychology and understands the mind of the person in front of her.

20. Vamika

Vamika means – Name for Goddess Durga

The Sanskrit girl name, Vamika has a power of vitality and is easygoing in nature. She has a marvelous imagination and is never afraid to share it with the world. The girl named Vamika has a sense of honesty and being truthful. Being accountable is one of her priorities.

21. Nimodhitha

Nimodhitha means – Having been enlightened

Nimodhitha is a girl full of energy. Her brimming energy takes her to a higher level in life and career. She has an endearing personality. Balanced, unbiased, and neutral are the characteristics of the girl named Nimodhitha. With her enlightenment, she has good decision-making sense.

22. Feshikha

Feshikha means – princess

A brainy and charitable girl, Feshikha is kind-hearted and is ready to help others anytime. She is more into sports, athletics, and fitness. Her honest and trustworthy nature is liked by everyone. She is a good communicator.

23. Mridvika

Mridvika means – Gentleness; A vine

Mridvika is a calm and quiet girl. She has a positive attitude and likes to spend time with friends and family. The girl named Mridvika is dedicated to her deeds and can achieve great business success. With a good smile and polite nature, she is all set to win hearts.

24. Sarniha

Sarniha means – Desire

The spiritual and bit imaginative girl is dedicated to her work and can be truly blessed, musician or singer. She has the personality to be a play-artist or any such creative field. The girl named Sarniha has good oratory powers and thinks out of the box.

25. Baruna

Baruna means – Wife of the Lord of the Sea

Baruna is intelligent and has good imaginative skills. She is good at writing poetry, script-creation, and painting. She loves to help people selflessly and is very kind-hearted. Baruna has leadership qualities and has the capabilities to get rapid growth in creative fields.

26. Aarunya

Aarunya means – First rays of the sun

As the name says, Aarunya is full of brightness and shine in her life. She is passionate about her work and is selective with her career choice. Her good deeds make her popular and her caring nature is liked by everyone. Determination, perfection, affection are the characteristics of the name.

27. Tamira

Tamira means – Magic

Girl with the name Tamira is loving and homely. She loves tranquility and comfort. Artistic by nature, she likes quality creative work. Tamira loves to be with friends and has good communication skills.

28. Raisa

Raisa means – Easy going; Leader

With an enthusiastic and happy spirit, Raisa is a fun-loving girl. She is cheerful and an open-minded being. Raisa has a good sense of humor and this makes her popular with friends. She is ambitious and has leadership qualities.

29. Aadrika

Aadrika means – Name of a celestial body (Apsara)

The Sanskrit baby girl name Aadrika is full of passion. The determination and promising nature of the girl leads her to success in the desired field. The pleasing personality of Aadrika makes her amicable. She loves to help others and is a responsible girl.

30. Mrinalini

Mrinalini means - Lotus

Mrinalini symbolizes lotus and the girl with this name is polite and with a positive attitude. She is dedicated to her work and family. Mrinalini has the trait to be an influencer because of politeness and kind-heartedness. She usually likes to be surrounded by artistic things.

The name reflects the identity and the suggested baby girl names in Sanskrit have deep and powerful meanings. In this article, we tried to sort the exclusive Sanskrit names for girls that are meaningful and trendy as well. We hope, it will make the daunting task of choosing, shortlisting, and finalizing the name for you a bit easy.

Do let us know which one out of these baby girl names in Sanskrit you chose for your little angel.

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