The sound of chanting mantra or the mystical sound of ‘OM’ gives harmony to the mind. This all is rooted in Sanskrit, the language that is the mother of numerous dialects. It is splendid to chant a name daily in this culturally rooted language. Indeed, if you are willing to keep the Sanskrit name of the little angel in your arms. The moment she is going to run with her tiny feet, and we running behind her reciting her name multiple times; Ah! Isn't it entrancing? Decide on baby girl names starting with M in Sanskrit, wherein we say M for ‘Ma’ too.

Have a look at our selected list of 21 baby girl names starting with M in Sanskrit. Take a dive into the article to know the meanings and character attributes of each name. This will help to shrink the fretfulness and muddle that usually exists while choosing a name for the babies.

21 Baby Girl Names Starting With M in Sanskrit

We have done a good amount of study on the Sanskrit names and sorted this list of 21 baby girl names starting with ‘M’ in Sanskrit. Have a choice and select one that could suit best with the culture.

1. Mahita

Mahita means - Greatness; A river

Mahita is an honest girl with full of confidence. As the name says, she is always ready to help others. The girl named Mahita is positive-minded and can achieve success with dedicated work. She is ambitious, powerful, and full of authority. Caring, loving, artistic, peace-loving are the basic attributes of Mahita.

2. Manaswita

Manaswita means - Desires intelligence

The girl named Manaswita has her uniqueness. She is quiet by nature and emotional too. Manaswita is intelligent and dedicated to her goals. This helps her to achieve great success in life. A positive attitude with wisdom and spirituality are the added traits of Manaswita.

3. Muneera

Muneera means - Brilliant; illuminating; Shedding light

Muneera as her name says, has a strong sense of prudence and spreads shine wherever she goes. She has good concentration power and this helps her to achieve her goals with no extra effort. The girl believes in spirituality and religion. With a positive mind-set and her skills, she is noted for her loving nature.

4. Marisa

Marisa means - Wise protector; Mother of Daksha; of the sea

The girl named Marisa is creative and has immense inner strength. She can gain mastery over any problem with her witty style. Marisa can make friends with anyone because of her loving and caring nature. Powerful by character and positive with the mind-set, Marisa tends to attain heights in her career.

5. Manditha

Manditha means - Decorated; Adorned

Manditha is an energetic girl and can do multitasking easily. The girl has an optimistic attitude and has the flair to survive in any kind of circumstances. She likes to embark on new career journeys and master the field. Usually, Manditha likes to be around people and has a lot of friends.

6. Manini

Manini means - A lady; self-respected

The girl named Manini is ambitious and achieves goals with her determination. She is intelligent and can make multiple sources of revenue. Politics, teaching, business could be good career options for her. Enthusiastic, responsible, and loving are added characteristics of Manini.

7. Mayurika

Mayurika means - Baby peahen

Mayurika is a girl full of happiness. She has an artistic side and creativity is present inherently in her. With these arts and creativity as her career, she can reach high levels. Mayurika has good oratory skills too. The youthful, resourceful, and knowledgeable Mayurika is a loving and caring girl.

8. Muditha

Muditha means - Happy; Delight; Satisfied

The girl name Mudhita is an easy-going kind of girl and is very creative. She likes to be well organized and stable in life. Trustworthy, reliable, honest are the basic traits of the name. She has a strong desire to learn more and develop better for mankind.

9. Mahiya

Mahiya means - Joy

Mahiya is a born leader who can show the right path to others too. She is willing to do something different with her strong inner strength. The girl is youthful, ambitious, and loving. She works hard and accomplishes her goals.

10. Mriduka

Mriduka means - Gentle; Soft; An apsara or celestial nymph

The girl named Mriduka has a pragmatic approach to life. She quickly adapts to the change in circumstances and overcomes her problems with ease. The girl has immense energy and an optimistic attitude. Free-minded, honest, brave are the added traits of the name.

11. Manaswini

Manaswini means - Goddess Durga

Wise, sensible, intelligent, virtuous are the traits that blend well with the name Manaswini. She follows a fair path to attain her goals and accomplish her plans. The girl likes to be close to nature and is loving and caring for everyone around her. A powerful character with a positive mind-set is what Manaswini is blessed with.

12. Maarisha

Maarisha means - Worthy; Respectable

Maarisha has a strong liking for arts like dance, music, painting, and more. Professionally, she can develop her career as an artisan. She has good oratory skills and with the same, she can soar high in her career. Enthusiastic, creative, responsible are the added characteristics of the name.

13. Mehuli

Mehuli means - A small rain cloud

Mehuli is a girl of the true faith and has the flair to comprehend people. She has a strong liking for spirituality and has a kind heart to help people. Determination with optimism is what she carries to make her successful career. The girl has big dreams and to fulfil them, she has exceptional planning and managerial abilities.

14. Marya

Marya means - Mark; Star of the sea

The girl name Marya has a philanthropic nature and is full of compassion. She is emotional and sensitive and is ready to help others. Courage, intellectuality, selflessness, divine love, and tolerance are all the representatives of this name. With a good and professional attitude, she can achieve great success in her career.

15. Mrimnayi

Mrimnayi means - Earthly

Mrimnayi is a peaceful and fun-loving female. She has a clear vision and opinion in her life. With her rigid determination and towering confidence, she attains great heights in her career. The girl is ambitious and has good imaginary skills. The mighty inner strength of the girl helps her to be independent and a noble person.

16. Mehal

Mehal means - Cloud

Mehal has loads of positive aspects and is considered to be the source of immense happiness. Dance and music brims in her nature. She is friendly, compassionate with a polite attitude. A good sense of humor with quick decision skills makes her pro in her professional career. The girl also encourages others to follow the right path in life.

17. Mrinalini

Mrinalini means - Lotus

An influential personality is what adorns the girl named Mrinalini. Independent, trustworthy, reliable are the inherited qualities of Mrinalini. She has a strong vision for herself and is optimistic to go ahead with her values of life. The girl is a born leader.

18. Mridvika

Mridvika means - Gentleness, A vine

Mridvika has a spiritual and liberal mind. The girl named Mridvika has good confidence and determination that helps her to achieve success in life. She is grateful to the people who helped her and is always ready to help others as well. Gardening, singing, dancing, painting, and other such creative works can be her hobbies.

19. Maarisha

Maarisha means - Worthy, respectable

The girl named Maarisha is full of religiosity and spirituality. A strong heart, determination, and focus are the basic traits of the name. She is ready to accomplish her goals with all her strength and optimism. The girl is always cheerful, happy, and full of enthusiasm.

20. Maanushi

Maanushi means - Goddess Laxmi; Kind; Woman

Maanushi is a quiet and easy-going girl. She is ambitious and enthusiastic about her career. The girl finds beauty and joy in small tasks too. Loyalty, honesty, curiosity are the added characteristics of this name. Genuine from heart, she cares for the people around her.

21. Mudrika

Mudrika means - Ring

Full of unlimited energy and immense joy is the girl named Mudrika. She has good communication and managerial skills and is great at business. The girl has exceptional leadership qualities and has the power to achieve her goals with her determination. The uncanny, realistic, and adorable Mudrika has an intense zest of living.

Names have a significant impact on the attributes and traits of the child and it goes for the lifetime. These have positive vibes and must be good to pronounce. The rundown of the baby girl names starting with M in Sanskrit would help the new parents to pick a name with characteristics that would bind with the girl for the entire life. These names are connected with the roots of Indian culture and are also unique.

Let us know which one suits you the best for your little angel.

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