Toys are quite popular and are an important component of children's delight and play. Toys are the preferred choice for giving to your children for any occasion, such as birthday celebrations or gifts when they achieve good grades in exams.

Toys have been manufactured in India for over 8,000 years. Miniature wooden toys like carts, parrot shaped whistles, miniature kitchen utensils were popular early toys. Bamboo, wood, clay, and fabric were used to make toys in India.

In contrast, today's toy manufacturers in India have a wide range of ornamental materials to choose from. Various toys, both branded and non-branded, are available in the market. The government has made a number of steps to encourage the production of toys by promoting local products and services across India.

Indian Toy Market Overview 2023

The rising number of children aged 2 to 8 years old in India and increasing personal income, together with the country's high rate of urbanization, are some of the primary drivers propelling the toy industry's sales revenue. The toy business in India is expected to increase in the near future, with more top toy makers applying current technology in production and launching new goods to meet domestic and international demand. These top toy brands in India are seen to have the competence and skilled personnel to compete with China's major toy makers, who are considered the global leaders in toy production.

Top 10 Popular Toy Brands in India

When we buy a branded toy for our children, we know that it has been subjected to the brand's stringent quality controls, and there are fewer chances of receiving a low-quality product. So, here we have the top toys brands in India, that focus on developing a variety of goods that directly aid in the mental and cognitive development of children. Continue reading to get details on the popular toy brands in India.

1. Lego 

Lego is a renowned brand. Ole Kirk Kristiansen created Lego in 1932 in Billund, Denmark, and it is now the world's largest toy manufacturing corporation. Lego features a variety of toys for children that enjoy building with blocks.

They came up with a simple concept of making moulds that look like bricks and stack effortlessly, allowing them to build whatever structure they can think of. These Lego construction bricks are popular among children, and they may be used to build any structure they can envision, allowing them to express their creativity.

These toys are fantastic for children and help to improve their brains. Around 36 billion Lego play bricks are created each year, according to estimates, and this finest toy company in India has 130 Lego retail stores around the world.

2. Fisher-Price

With products accessible on Amazon, Flipkart, and Firstcry, Fisher-Price is India's most popular toy brand. Founded in 1930 Fisher-Price has manufactured approximately 5,000 different types of toys for toddlers and children aged 3 and above since its inception. Herman Fisher and Irving Price are the founders of this company. Based in East Aurora, New York, the company has sales of over $2 billion and employs roughly 4,000 people across the globe.


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This well-known toy manufacturer's products are of great quality, and you can definitely find almost anything from them in India. From booster sets to strollers the company has grabbed some best-selling items for kids.

3. Funskool

Funskool is a well-known toy manufacturer based in India, which was formed in 1987. High-quality Beyblade accessories. Rubik's cube, Siku, and Fun Dough are among the most popular toys of Funskool. Toys for cognitive skills, creativity and imagination, educational skills, Emotional Development, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and much more can be found in their large collections.

4. Natkhat

Another well-known and one of the popular toy brands in India, Natkhat, has been producing stuffed animals for more than two decades. The brand concentrates on providing high-quality services by delivering orders on time and promptly responding to all requests from potential new clients or existing customers seeking more product exclusives.

The brand's best-selling items are plush entertainment toys, teddy bears, and stuffed animal toys. They seek to cater to a large network of clients both within and outside India as a producer, supplier, and exporter of various stuffed toys in addition to selling high-quality toys.

5. Hot Wheels

Mattel's Hot Wheels brand produces high-quality toy automobiles. Elliot Handler introduced it in the United States in 1968. The high-speed toy cars with creative and exhilarating tracks are the main attraction.

You may also find advanced racing tracks with stunts and challenges to complete, which will increase your kid's toy car racing experience.

Hot Wheels

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For almost three decades, Hot Wheels has been one of India's biggest toy manufacturers, and it is especially popular among youngsters aged 3 to 8. To further solidify its market dominance, the company has ventured into video games and film projects.

6. Chicco

Pietro Catelli founded Chicco, an Italian firm, in 1958. It is also one of the leading toy manufacturers. Chicco is a 60-year-old company with a global presence in 120 countries.

The brand offers a wide range of baby toys as well as infant health and hygiene goods. Chicco items can be found in almost every retail outlet.

7. Simba 

The next most popular and one of the top toys brands in India is Simba, which is sold in over 60 countries around the world. Fritz and Michael Sieber created this company in 1982, which is about 38 years old.

Sponge Bob, Chi Chi Love, Steffi Love Girls, and Furlocks are just a few of the prominent toy brands produced by Simba Toys, one of India's biggest toy manufacturers. Bear Family, Simba Toys' best-selling product, has sold over 10 million copies and is considered one of India's most famous toy companies.

8. Barbie

Barbie is a toy manufacturing brand owned by Mattel, Inc., an American corporation. It debuted in March 1959 and is known for fashion dolls known as Barbie and dollhouses. Their Barbie dolls are popular among girls between the ages of 11 and 15. These toys are top sellers in all online stores and are very popular with children.

9. Hamleys India 

Hamleys is a well-known British multinational toy brand and the world's oldest toy manufacturer. Hamleys is also immensely popular in India and is owned by Reliance Retail, an Indian corporation. It was established in 1760, 260 years ago. Hamleys sells toys for children of various ages, ranging from 1 to 13 years old. You'll find a wide variety of science, educational, puzzle, and brain-development toys that are essential for your child to play with.

Hamleys India

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10. Peg Perego  

Peg Perego makes strollers, ride-on toys for kids, car seats, and high chairs. This well-known Indian manufacturer is distinguished by the fact that it manufactures high-quality toys for children. The company's headquarters are in Italy. This company has also expanded its impact in nations such as the United States, Canada, and Brazil.

Peg Perego

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Wonder Why We Chose These Finest Baby Toy Brands for You?

While compiling this list of the best toy brands in India, our team took into account a variety of aspects. The following are some of the most important parameters:

  1. The Reputation of the Brand: When it comes to selecting an appropriate toy for your infant, brand reputation is crucial. It's critical to examine the quality of a toy before purchasing one for your infant, and choosing from a reputable brand makes the process easier. We already have faith in the brand and the products it produces.
  2. Quality: When you buy a baby product from a reputable brand, you know you're getting a high-quality item every time. When creating infant toys, they mostly use eco-friendly or chemical-free materials. Hence these toys can be given to infants and toddlers without worry. Moreover, no use of chemicals in these toys assure no health issues for the child. Furthermore, opting for a brand toy would eliminate the need for several possibilities check. Isn’t it?

Always remember to get good quality products and toys for the baby as they would surely end up in the mouth. The best toy brands in India ensure no toxins and harmful chemicals usage and hence are safe for the little ones.

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