Dr. Geetika Singh


Dr. Geetha Pai

About The Interviewee:

Emotional development in Infants/toddlers/early childhood explained in a very simple way by Dr. Geetha Pai. She also touches upon the concept of what is homeopathy and how does it work. Dr. Geetha Pai (B.H.M.S), Homeopathic Family Physician and practicing on mind method of homeopathy, is an active member of homeopathy organization H.H.F which has headquarters in Thane, Mumbai. With wide experience to treat all ailments from allergic cold cough, female issues, child ailments , autoimmune disorders, hormonal complaints, infertility and much more. She practices currently at Dombivili Mumbai in Maharashtra. She has worldwide patients via online consulting and is popular amongst her patients. She is active on social media & conducts several seminars for spreading awareness of homeopathy amongst common people.

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