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Dr. Disha Syal

About The Interviewee:

Dr. Disha Syal is the only female Gastro-Surgeon in Punjab. She is Gold medalist in her MBBS, MS in General Surgery, FIAGES (flagship laparoscopic fellowship course by The Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endosurgeons), FALS (fellowship in advanced laparoscopic surgery), and DNB in Surgical Gastroenterology from New Delhi. At present, she is working as a Sr. consultant in GI Surgery at a super-specialty hospital in Jalandhar. She has also worked as Ex. Consultant and Sr. Resident in Surgical Gastroenterology. She explains us about the what exactly is Gastrointestinal Surgery, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, and Laparoscopic Surgery. She also takes up the very crucial topic of fatty liver, why it happens, how can it be prevented and what treatments are available for curing it. Dr. Syal also elaborates the various GI problems, about bariatric surgery, weight loss tips and recommends the lifestyle changes for the best gastro heath. Not only this, she also tells us what challenges she faced while taking up this field and breaking the then societal norms, how her family stood up for her and how she managed everything.

Queries Answered:

  1. What is gastrointestinal surgery?
  2. You are the only woman gastro-surgeon in the Punjab Region. What made you chose this field and how was your journey?
  3. How family helps in the success of a female surgeon?
  4. What are endoscopy and colonoscopy?
  5. What is fatty liver? What are the causes and symptoms for fatty liver?
  6. What treatments are generally followed to cure fatty liver?
  7. What are the most common Gastro intestinal problems that you come across? And what preventive measures would you like to suggest for them?
  8. Are there any GI problems that are more common in women? And how should we can prevent those?
  9. What are the options for obese people to reduce their weight?
  10. What is bariatric surgery? How is it done and how it helps?
  11. What is laparoscopic surgery? What are its advantages?
  12. What lifestyle changes would you recommend for best gastro health?

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