Dr. Geetika Singh


Dr. Nandini Gupta

About The Interviewee:

Dr. Nandini Gupta is Consultant Dermatologist and Trichologist with an experience of about 13 years. After gathering experience from government hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi, she is now also working in the field of cosmetic dermatology since last 7 years. Dr. Nandini is currently practicing as a consultant at MGM Hospital, Vashi and Apollo Spectra Hospital, Chembur.

Queries Answered:

  1. Best skin care routine in summers for healthy skin.
  2. What can a woman do for her stretch marks?
  3. How to protect your skin from pollution?
  4. How to know your skin type and what are the different types of skin?
  5. What is the importance toning?
  6. Latest advancements in skin care and how one can benefit from them?
  7. 3 Tips for beautiful skin?
  8. Are anti-aging skin care products healthy for skin?
  9. Home remedies vs commercial products. What’s your take?
  10. What is your mantra to take care of skin?

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