Dr. Geetika Singh


Dr. Parneet Kaur

About The Interviewee:

Expert Talk with Dr. Parneet Kaur, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist. Dr Parneet Kaur is currently working in IVY Hospital Mohali and runs her private clinic. With her tender loving care, Dr Parneet is an expert in HIGH RISK PREGNANCY management and ADOLESCENT GYNAECOLOGY and deals with teenage gynaecological problems. RECURRENT MISCARRIAGES, UROGYNAECOLOGY and SUBFERTILITY are dealt with utmost expertise and latest treatments.

Queries Answered:

  1. Is intercourse allowed?
  2. Can hair dyes be used?
  3. Are hot baths allowed?
  4. Is air travel allowed?
  5. Should flu shot be taken?
  6. Should one visit a dentist?
  7. Is it safe to pet cats?
  8. Can one exercise?
  9. Which supplements are essential and should be taken?
  10. How much sleep should be taken?
  11. Any tips to minimize stress?
  12. When should one visit a doctor?
  13. Which foods are considered risky during pregnancy?
  14. Is applying skin products and hair products considered fine?
  15. What type of meal schedule should be followed?
  16. How much water should be consumed per day?
  17. Should long distance travel be done?

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