Dr. Geetika Singh


Dr. Swapnanjali Avhad

About The Interviewee:

In this expert talk, we will talk all about pregnancy. And to clear all our doubts, we have with us none other than Dr. Swapnanjali Avhad. She has been practicing in Dr. Avhad Maternity Hospital, Nashik since 10 years and has successfully treated more than 5000 patients so far. She graduated from Medical University in Russia and then completed her post-graduation from Mumbai. She is an Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Fertility expert. She has also earned accolades for training couples in Garbhasanskar, Parenting and Child Brain Stimulation.

Queries Answered:

  1. What is pre-conception planning? When and how should a couple ideally plan a pregnancy?
  2. Tell us more about Conception, Pregnancy and Delivery.
  3. How and when should we confirm a pregnancy? When should a couple see a Gynaecologist?
  4. Is it possible that the urine pregnancy kit test is positive but there is no pregnancy?

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