Dr. Geetika Singh


Sonali Karia

About The Interviewee:

Sonali Karia is a home maker from Hyderabad. She loves cooking, travelling & meeting new people. Sonali is a Post Graduate diploma holder in Child Psychology (Early Education). Sonali is active and spends most of her daytime with kids in teaching and engaging kids them in multiple activities with the things easily available at Home. Sonali actively participates in various competitions organised by various groups and communities. She also won several prizes. During the pandemic, Sonali has managed to keep her kids engaged in various activities and made sure they stayed away from gadgets. Her daughters have participated in various competitions even at the National level. Sonali has worked as a Pre-Primary teacher. She took a break after the birth of her second child. In this video, Sonali shares her ways to keep her children active and busy and how she manages her kids learning during the pandemic.

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