Keeping the baby healthy is a responsible task of the parents. It becomes worrisome when the baby cries continuously and we are confused to as what is wrong with the baby. Sometimes it is the stomach ache, colic, abdominal pain that makes the baby uncomfortable. Dabur Gripe Water is an ayurvedic medicine and is used for the treatment of Digestive Disorders. It is an easy solution to all the stomach-related issues like indigestion, acidity, gases, or colic.

Here we have detailed the Dabur Gripe Water ingredients, uses, dosage and price. Continue reading to know more about Dabur Gripe Water. But before going ahead let us know the causes of stomach discomfort.

Baby crying excessively even after being well-fed? Maybe some abdominal discomfort or colic. All about herbal cure - gripe water benefits, uses and side-effects.

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Reasons for Stomach Discomfort

There are varied reasons for stomach discomfort. Paedriticinas and child experts aren’t though sure of the reasons but some of the possible factors contributing to this issue are-

  • As the infants are fed only on milk for almost six months, the milk sometimes causes colic and stomach discomfort.
  • The digestive system of the infants is not fully developed and this is a cause for pain and colic.
  • Being a new parent, sometimes it is difficult to understand the reason for the crying of the baby. At times, we feel the child is crying for milk, though the reason could be different. This tends to over-feed the child and that in turn causes colic or stomach ache.
  • Some infants are sensitive to formula milk or even breast milk. Normal feeding times could also cause stomach discomfort to such infants.

Gases or indigestion is another reason for the discomfort that makes the child cry endlessly.

Any kind of fear, excitement may also at times cause such discomfort.

Solution to Stomach Discomfort

Grannies offer home remedies for the colic, gases, indigestion, or stomach aches. An easy way to go is giving a dose of gripe water. Dabur Gripe Water is one such formula that is purely Ayurvedic and trustworthy for the infants. This formula instantly relieves such discomfort. Here are the details on the ingredients and benefits of Dabur Gripe Water.

Dabur Gripe Water Ingredients

Dabur Gripe Water is formulated with sarjikakshara and mishreya tail or dill oil. These ingredients are very useful in guarding against common stomach problems like colic, gases, indigestion, and acidity. The regular use helps relieve digestive problems during the teething process as well.

Dill oil and Soy reduce inflammation or swelling in the stomach (if any). It also helps to relieve muscle spasms. Dabur Gripe Water eliminates microbes and pathogens inside the digestive tract and also prevents their growth.

Dabur Gripe Water Uses

To relax the baby from stomach discomfort Dabur Gripe Water is a perfect solution. A spoonful of this ayurvedic formula relaxes the infant and gives a night of sound sleep. Here are the Dabur gripe water uses.

  • The dosage of this gripe water gives a relaxing burp to the infant and relaxes colic, acidity, indigestion, or any such digestive issue.
  • Dabur Gripe Water soothes the digestive tract of the baby and provides immediate relief. It is a kind of digestive solution.
  • This formula also neutralizes undue acidity and breakdown of trapped gases.
  • The ideal time to give Dabur Gripe Water is 10 minutes after a feed. In case, there is colic, acidity, or indigestion then the dose can be given as per the requirement.

Dabur Gripe Water Dosage

Always give any oral medication whether allopathic, homeopathic, or ayurvedic to the baby with the consultation of a child-care expert. Here is the Dabur gripe water dosage.

Age GroupDosage
Neo natal - 0 to 1 month2.5 ml- 3 times a day
Infants – 1 to 6 months2.5 to 5 ml – 3 times a day
Babies – 6 to 12 months5 ml to 10 ml – 3 times a day
Toddlers - 1 year and up10 ml to 15 ml – 3 times a day

Some generalized points to remember for all age groups from neo-natal to toddlers are –

  • Always use the prescribed amount either by the doctor or as mentioned on the pack
  • Do not exceed the quantity and maximum dose for the day.
  • The dosage form is liquid and is given in the oral form.
  • The duration of the medication should be as prescribed.
  • Always read the label carefully before giving the first dose and keep the bottle out of reach of children.
  • Check the manufacturing and expiry date of the pack.

Dabur Gripe Water Price and Package

The gripe water comes in 2 packaging – 100 ml and 125 ml. While ordering online there might be some good offers to grab as two packs combo or a good discount.

  • Dabur Gripe Water is available over-the-counter for INR 50 for a pack of 125 ml bottles and INR 40 for a pack of 100 ml bottles.
  • In a pack of 2 - Dabur Gripe Water price is INR 98 for a pack of two bottles of 125 ml each. 
  • Dabur Gripe Water price online might vary a little.

Side Effects of Dabur Gripe Water

There are no known side effects of gripe water as this is an ayurvedic formula. Each child is different and so is the response to various oral intakes. Always check with the paediatrician before opting for any oral medication.

Watery eyes, heavy breathing, or swelling on the tongue or jaw area could be some possible allergy reactions. But these are not worrisome. In case, anything more persists, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.

Note- In the minutes of doubts use colic aid drops as these are recommended by the paediatrician worldwide. Never make any medication as a habit.

Comforting the Baby in Distress

Mom and the baby share a special bond. Touch theraphy can give a comfort that nothing else can.

  • Swaddle the baby, wrap him in a blanket.
  • Sing a sweet lullaby. Trust us, this really comforts a baby. Mom’s tone is the best therapy.
  • Put a warm towel or a warm bottle on the stomach of the baby.
  • A gentle massage with warm oil can also do wonders.
  • Pacifiers can also provide relaxation at times
  • Fresh air can also relieve to some extent. Take time out in the garden or a small walk with the baby in the stroller.

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