Is your baby suffering from digestive disorders, poor appetite, and colic? Do you want to improve your little one's over all digestive functioning and growth? Here's all the information on Himalaya Bonnisan Drops for babies and children.

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops are a traditional Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by Himalaya Herbal Wellness. It is used for children and infants to prevent and treat gastrointestinal disorders, support bone strength, enhance appetite, and improve digestion.

The aim of this article is to furnish you with all the necessary details regarding the uses, benefits, side effects, composition, and so much more about the Himalaya Bonnisan Drops. We have tried our level best to incorporate information that will resolve all your queries regarding this medicine.

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops

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What are Baby Digestive Issues?

In the initial months, a baby can face digestive disorders like gas, colic, stomach pain, or diarrhea which can be frustrating for both the baby and parents. A digestive disorder upsets the baby's daily routine and the baby seems irritable, cranky, and crying most of the time. The baby would stop showing interest towards feeding. While you might become overwhelmed with the whole process but it is important to stay calm and discuss the matter with the pediatrician to understand the digestion related concern and stop it from aggravating further.

Let us look at some of the common symptoms of digestive disorders in babies and children that depicts that they have been suffering from stomach problems and need to be treated:


If the baby is vomiting the undigested milk more than usual on a regular basis, then it is a cause of concern and needs to be checked as it indicates an issue with the digestive tract. Vomiting a little milk after feedings once in a while is normal but if it occurs frequently then it is indicating towards a digestive disorder.

Allergic to milk

Some of the babies might be allergic to the formula milk made from dried cow milk and show symptoms of excess gas and colic more than usual. In such cases, the allergy needs to be verified and an alternate to milk based formula feed needs to be provided to prevent digestive issues.


When the baby shows signs of spitting out some milk during or after feed continuously, denies feed, faces breathing difficulties during feed, and it starts to become a cause of concern then it is a digestive disorder as the contents of the stomach are pushed back to the esophagus as the digestion is not taking place normally and needs to be treated.


In case the bowel movements of the baby are watery and are not showing any signs of improvement with regular medicine or the issue is cropping up more than usual over a period of time then it is indicative of a digestive disorder that needs immediate doctor's intervention to prevent chances of severe dehydration.

In such a scenario, the Himalaya Bonnisan Drops come to the rescue to provide relief and comfort to the baby. These drops not only cure the gastrointestinal disorders in babies but also aid in appetite stimulation and makes the baby jovial.

Causes for Baby Digestive Issues

If you are certain that the baby is suffering from a digestive disorder then you need to identify the cause so that the issue can be treated and prevented from reoccurring in future. The major causes of digestive issues are mentioned below:

  • Some babies are not able to digest a particular brand of formula milk, so you need to switch to another one that suits the baby.
  • Excess intake of air while bottle feeding or breastfeeding on a regular basis can lead to a digestive disorder.
  • Burping the baby properly after every feed is essential as the gas needs to vent out regularly. Not doing so for a long duration might become a cause for digestive disorder. 
  • Some babies develop an allergy towards cow milk or formula milk made from dried cow milk. Their stomach would not be able to digest the feed and continuous feeding may lead to a digestive disorder. 

In such cases, it is essential to identify the digestive disorder and ask the paediatrician for the cure to the stomach ailment. The Himalaya Bonnisan Drops will prove to be really helpful in such cases providing the much needed relief to the baby.

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops Uses for Babies and Children

The Himalaya Bonnisan Drops is a digestive supplement that comprises of useful herbs which have healing properties and therapeutic uses for the overall growth and development of babies and children. These drops prevent, combat, and improve the below mentioned conditions:

  • Treats gastrointestinal disorders 
  • Prevents diarrhea and dysentery 
  • Improves digestion
  • Maintains healthy intestinal mucosa
  • Relieves gas 
  • Strengthens bones

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops Composition

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops are comprised of Dill Oil, Cardamom, and Long Pepper as active ingredients. These ingredients provide the following benefits:

Dill Oil

  • Potent antispasmodic 
  • Relieves gas 
  • Supports digestion


  • Digestive properties
  • Enhances appetite 
  • Promotes digestion

Long Pepper

  • Carminative properties
  • Helps reduce colic

These ingredients are natural and Ayurvedic. They have a calming and soothing effect on the baby's gentle digestive system, thereby making it strong enough to fight the stomach ailments and disorders.

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops Dosage

These drops are to be given in the quantity as advised by the pediatrician. For further instructions, follow the steps as mentioned on the pack.

The dosage according to the age is mentioned below:

  • Infants (up to 1 month): 5-10 drops three times a day, or as directed by physician
  • Infants (1-6 months): 10-20 drops three times a day, or as directed by physician

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops Benefits

This Ayurvedic medicine is safe and gentle on the baby's digestive system. It cures the gas, colic, diarrhea, dysentery, and stomach related issues efficiently. Here's the list of the advantages of giving Himalaya Bonnisan Drops to the babies in the prescribed dosage mentioned by the paediatrician:

  • Relieves colic, gas, and digestive ailments as it contains dill oil. 
  • Improves digestion and appetite by stimulating hunger. 
  • Enables normal physiological functioning and improving growth. 
  • Supports overall good health for a happy lifestyle. 
  • Provides nourishment to the bones. 
  • Combats abdominal pain and discomfort. 
  • Prevents flatulence, indigestion, and dysentery. 
  • Relieves muscle spasms in babies. 

These drops are safe for the babies to consume and can be given without worrying about the side effects as there are none.

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops Vs Colicaid

Both Himalaya Bonnisan Drops and Colicaid are popular choices amongst parents whenever the baby is cranky to due gas, abdominal pain, and colic. But there are some basic differences between both of them. Let's check the differences one by one:

  1. Himalaya Bonnisan Drops is chiefly used to prevent and treat digestive disorders in babies. While Colicaid drops is chiefly used to treat and prevent gas and colic in babies. 
  2. Himalaya Bonnisan Drops contain dill oil, cardamom, and long pepper as active ingredients. While Colicaid contains simethicone, dill oil, and fennel oil as active ingredients.
  3. Himalaya Bonnison Drops is an Ayurvedic medicine. While Colicaid is a paediatric medicine.
  4. Himalaya Bonnisan Drops can be given to babies up to 6 months and after that Himalaya Bonnisan liquid can be introduced. While Colicaid can be given to children above 6 months as well.
  5. Himalaya Bonnisan Drops is not directly recommended by pediatrician because it is an Ayurvedic medicine. While Colocaid is recommended by pediatricians. 

Storage & Disposal

For guidance on storage and disposal of the Himalaya Bonnisan Drops, you can refer to the following points:

  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture
  • Do not refrigerate
  • Keep it away from reach of children
  • Expiry falls 3 years from date of manufacture. After that it should be disposed off. 
  • Store it away from excess heat. 

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops Vs Gripe Water

Both the medicines are effective but the inherent differences are listed below for your reference:

  1. Himalaya Bonnisan Drops is used to prevent and treat digestive disorders in babies. While Gripe Water treats gas, acidity, and indigestion in babies.
  2. Himalaya Bonnisan Drops contain dill oil, cardamom, and long pepper as active ingredients. While Gripe Water contains dill herb, sodium bicarbonate, and sarjikakshra.
  3. Himalaya Bonnisan Drops can be given to babies up to 6 months and after that Himalaya Bonnisan liquid can be introduced. While Gripe Water can be given to babies after 6 months also. 

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops Side Effects

There are no recorded side effects of Himalaya Bonnisan Drops if taken as per the prescribed dosage under the guidance of a paediatrician or physician.

Buy Himalaya Bonnisan Drops

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops

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We have provided the answers to the most commonly asked questions by the parents and guardians. Let's check them one by one:

Q1. Is the Himalaya Bonnisan Drops safe for children and babies?

These drops are completely safe for children and babies and there are no side effects.

Q2. How long can Himalaya Bonnisan Drops be given?

It can be safely used for a continuous period of 2-3 months time, with gradual decrease in dosage.

Q3. Do Himalaya Bonnisan Drops cause drowsiness?

These drops will not cause drowsiness or sleepiness in babies and children.

Q4. Can Himalaya Bonnisan Drops be given to a newborn?

Yes, it is safe to give Himalaya Bonnisan Drops to newborns after consulting with the physician.

Q5. Is Himalaya Bonnisan Drops Effective?

Yes, Himalaya Bonnisan Drops are effective and works swiftly by reliving the baby from the abdominal pain and gas. Regular consumption as per prescribed dosage enhances weight gain by stimulating hunger.

Q6. By what age can Himalaya Bonnisan Drops be given to the baby?

Himalaya Bonnisan Drops can be given to the baby up to 6 months of age. After 6 months, the Himalaya Bonnisan Liquid can be given to the baby after consulting with the paediatrician.

Final Words

It is difficult to see your baby in discomfort and pain due to digestion related issues. Himalaya Bonnisan Drops have immense advantages and the best part is that these are absolutely safe for babies and tackle the digestive complaints properly. Through this article we have tried to help you in understanding the uses, benefits, side effects, dosage, composition, and all other important details. So ask your pediatrician about Himalaya Bonnisan Drops today and get ready to see a happy, active, and healthy baby.

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