Choosing a cute yet modern baby name is very difficult than we expect it to be. To give your little one a creative name is a very exciting decision. However, it does involve a lot of research. Some parents may easily settle on this momentous decision, while others find it more tiresome. Picking your baby's name is a significant decision you have to make as a parent. After all, your baby will carry that name throughout life. To make this momentous task easy, we have come up with the list of best and highly meaningful Hindu baby boy names starting with V. We have shared them with meaning and traits. Take a look.

Best 25 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With V

So, here are the top and unique Hindu baby boy names starting with V along with their meaning.

1. Vidip

Vidip means - Bright

Vidip is one of the modern and very unique Hindu baby boy names starting with V. He likes to handle or resolve any problem independently. The boys named Vidip may possess unlimited energy. Thoughtful nature, optimistic attitude, highly emotional behavior, and sympathetic are other basic traits of this name. These boys are handsome and also carry attractive personalities.

2. Vidyut

Vidyut means - Brilliant

The boy named Vidyut is a great symbol of dependence. He is inclined towards a plan oriented life and is good at grabbing the right opportunity at the right time. He earns a lot and is also good at managing finances. Emotional, sensitive, honest are the main personality traits of this name.

3. Vaaridhar

Vaaridhar means - Cloud

This is one of the most powerful names amongst the Hindu baby boy names starting with V. The name Vaaridhar represents excellence. A boy named Vaaridhar always seeks quality in every aspect of life. The boys with this name can do almost anything they set their minds on. The Vaaridhar name can be paired with Rishab for twins or siblings.

4. Vijval

Vijval means - Intelligent

Vijval is a powerful yet rare name for your newborn. The boys named Vijval possess great vision and leadership abilities. He loves to enjoy rapid growth in his personal and professional life. Though he is outspoken, that skill helps him to soar high in his occupation.

5. Vilas

Vilas means - Path to happiness

It is a very unique and modern baby boy name that hints at acts leading to joy. These boys are dressy and carry up-to-date style statements. In terms of professional life, he is highly dedicated and full of confidence. He also secures happy and wealthy marriage.

6. Vimal

Vimal means - Pure

Vimal name symbolizes pure or clean nature. Wise, affectionate, pure, fun-loving, sociable, artistic, career-oriented, and honest are the basic traits of this name. He has a large friend circle because of his friendly nature. He possesses some magical and creative skills that help him to rise in his professional life.

7. Visvash

Visvash means - Faith

This beautiful Hindu baby boy’s name symbolizes an air of self-love. People believe him a lot and also find him lucky. He loves creativity and shows it at every stage of his life. He is also dedicated towards his job.

8. Vibhu

Vibhu means - Omnipresent

The Vibhu name is also said to be associated with Lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Vibhu can be a great leader and has lots of drive and determination. He is full of confidence and highly passionate to take the challenges. A good level of patience and persistence are other main traits of this name.

9. Vidhart

Vidhart means - Giver

As the name indicates, it is associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. He is determined and independent. The boy named Vidhart has a strong spirit and the ability to succeed across the board. He is a good forward-thinker with a gift for planning and organization. He is creative and charismatic. Thus, writers, poets, musicians, actors, and leaders are his favorable professional fields.

10. Vibhuti

Vibhuti means - Enthusiastic and entertainer 

He is a natural-born leader, highly focused, and achievement-oriented. He is a good decision maker and makes most of the decisions by himself. He is also energetic and confident. He is a big aspirant to make a good life and enjoy a good time. He is a natural flirt kind of boy. However, that makes him famous and liked by many.

11. Vivan

Vivan means - Full of life

The boy named Vivan is full of life. He is extremely ambitious and talented. He loves to crack jokes and make people happy. He believes in total enjoyment of every moment of life. The boy named Vivan is talkative and makes good public relations too.

12. Viraj

Viraj means - Resplendent

This boy has got good looks and charismatic behavior. He is an avid reader, creative, and artistically oriented. He is a good listener and listens to the problems of other people carefully. Hence, people seek his advice. He can generate new and exciting ideas on the fly, and also geys recognition for his efforts. The boy named Viraj can easily attract, influence, and inspire people.

13. Ved

Ved means - Sacred knowledge

He loves freedom and that is also essential to make him happy. He is always ready for traveling, meeting new friends, and getting new experiences. He is stable, disciplined, practical, reliable, hard-working, and frugal. He loves varieties and can jump from one project to another easily.

14. Vidhart

Vidhart means - Giver, bestower

He is a natural-born leader, highly focused, and achievement-oriented. This boy is energetic and confident that makes him do things independently and make robust decisions by himself. His confidence makes people surround him and also admire his personality. Elegant, noble, and good leader are the other main traits of Vidhart.

15. Vrishank

Vrishank means - Strength

The name Vrishank indicates a gift of gab. He is expressive, optimistic, outgoing, inspiring, charming, and cheerful. He is a very good writer and can easily influence others with his creative writing skills. A boy named Vrishank possesses an intrinsic ability to articulate complicated concepts in a way that are easy to understand.

16. Vikshar

Vikshar means - Speed of light

He is intelligent, intuitive, and graceful. This boy is inclined towards spirituality and mysticism. He loves luxury and an elegant lifestyle. The boy named Vikshar rarely cares about fashion and is often ordinarily dressed. He has a shy nature and loves to spend time with his near and dear ones.

17. Veer

Veer means - Radiant and endear

The boy named Veer is perceived as someone who is a family person, a good provider, and a protector. He is more concerned and understands the value of money. He spends money on what is necessary. The best and foremost traits of this name are inquisitive, multi-tasking, freedom-loving, and free-spirited.

18. Vishesh

Vishesh means - Special

He is elegant, sophisticated, and stylish in appearance and behavior. He embraces life changes very easily and happily. Boys with this name are sharp-minded and always curious about their surroundings. The Vishesh name indicates that the person is a caring and generous individual.

19. Vrishab

Vrishab means - Excellent

Vrishab is one of the rarest names amongst the many Hindu boy names that start with V. The boys with this name hint that they are very proud of their personality and achievements. Vrishab named boys may show varied qualities of bravery. Confidence is the main trait of this name that helps them to succeed in their ways. He is a great friend too.

20. Vatsa

Vatsa means - Son

This boy is always seeking happiness. Lucky charm is one of the main traits of this name. The other basic traits of this name are peace-loving, ambitious, trouble resolver, and jolly nature. He aspires to build a bright future for him.

21. Vinil

Vinil means - Blue

Boys with the name Vinil are expected to be more ambitious. He is honest, optimistic, and confident. Vinil is very creative and also possesses excellent communication skills. This boy strives hard to enhance qualities of focus and resilience.

22. Vakul

Vakul means - Wise

The boy named Vakul thinks critically and practically. The main traits of Vakul name are clever, patient, attentive, and hardworking. He has all the qualities to impress a crowd. He is a good decision maker but never jumps to fast decisions.

23. Vansh

Vansh means - Family

He is impressive, elegant, confident, and noble. The boy named Vansh is a born leader and aims to lead a successful life. He has a charismatic personality and can easily make new companions.

24. Varshik

Varshik means - Rain

Analytical, understanding, knowledgeable, studious, independent, fearless, investigative, proof oriented, and practical are the main traits of this name. He exhibits the passion and urges for seeking truth in everything around him.

25. Viranch

Viranch means - Divine

He is a good organizer, a hard worker, and detail-oriented. The best trait of Viranch is that he is a self-starter and has a willingness to work and complete any work. He is a seer and has great intuition.

Final Words

We hope these baby boys' name suggestions will help you as you embark on the milestone of naming your baby.

Which of these Hindu baby boy names starting with V did you like the most? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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