Lord Shiva is worshipped as the supreme God and is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. Known with many names, Lord Shiva is the prime soul of the Universe. His iconographical attributes include the damaru drum, the third eye on his forehead, the serpent around his neck, the crescent moon, the holy river Ganga flowing from his matted hair, and the trident, as his weapon. If you are looking out for the unique and powerful Lord Shiva names for baby boy starting with S, then we list the most iconic ones of 2021. Take a look!

21 Lord Shiva Names for Baby Boy Starting with S

Here are the 21 Lord Shiva Names for Baby Boy Starting with S that are powerful and highly meaningful.

1. Sahasrad

Sahasrad means - Another name for Lord Shiva

Sahasrad has a very realistic and straightforward approach to life. He can adapt to any circumstance and has immense energy to carry out any job. This boy has a thoughtful nature and an optimistic attitude. Sahasrad always has good relationships and is a composed personality. He is friendly, generous, and an organized individual.

2. Samanyu

Having the same splendor/energy

Samanyu is a sweet and pleasing person with an easy-going nature. He is strong, powerful, and loves freedom. Samanyu is always confident in his words and decisions. He is an absolute charmer and his kind nature makes him get along well with others. He is emotional, intelligent, bright, and with the ability to make it big in life.

3. Sarvad

Sarvad means - All giving

Sarvad is a cheerful boy who is always full of enthusiasm. He is admired by every person he meets. He is tactful, sensitive, and can easily understand the emotions and feelings of others. He loves to live with friends and in society. Sarvad is blessed with elegance and nobleness. He can think deeply and understand the situations well before acting.

4. Sarvang

Sarvang means - The whole body

Sarvang is a pioneering spirit. He is a born leader. He is focused and knows how to achieve his goals in life. Sarvang loves to live in peace and harmony. He has a gentle nature and is a caring individual. He is strong and powerful. His confidence makes him stand out from others easily and he knows how to handle situations well.

5. Sarvashay

Sarvashay means - Universally

Sarvashay is a sparkling personality who is enthusiastic and able to do achieve anything his heart desires for. He stands for truth and justice. He is creative and with a love for various forms of art. He knows his responsibility well and is a steady and balanced person. Sarvashay enjoys life and loves to be happy.

6. Shiven

Shiven means - Another name for Lord Shiva

Shiven is always smiling. He has a passion to live his life to the fullest. He loves to explore new places, meet new people, and gain new experiences. Shiven can make sensible decisions, whatever may be the situation. He is adventurous and easily adapts to change. This person is inquisitive and a great multi-tasker.

7. Shrivardhan

Shrivardhan means - Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva

Shrivardhan is a pleasing personality who is always ready to lend a helping hand. He is reliable, trustworthy, and truthful to his friends. He is a sparkling boy who has a zest for living. Shrivardhan is refreshing and cheerful. His versatile nature is what makes him special. He can make sensible decisions and is a free-spirited person.

8. Shubhaksh

Shubhaksh means - Auspicious-eyed

Shubhaksh is a brilliant boy who is encouraging and hopeful. He knows his mind well, is sensible, and practical. Shubhaksh is a happy personality who likes to make memories and laugh. His name gives him the ability to reason logically. He is graceful, intuitive, and intelligent. He has a quest for truth and has an interest in spirituality as well.

9. Samanyu

Samanyu means - Brave and courageous

Samanyu, as his name, is a scholar and a brilliant boy who is admired by everyone he meets. He is a pleasing personality and has an understanding nature. He is always ahead of his time, is intelligent, brilliant, and can achieve great things in life. He loves adventure. Travelling is what attracts him the most. He likes meeting new people and gaining new experiences.

10. Sashwat

Sashwat means - Eternal, permanent

Sashwat is a sensitive boy who spreads harmony wherever he goes. He is helpful, warm, and has a generous heart. Sashwat has an easy-going nature and loves to enjoy life. He is strong and powerful. He analyses things deeply before he acts. This boy likes living in peace and spreading happiness all around.

11. Suveer

Suveer means - Heroic, most courageous

Suveer always takes responsibility. He is refreshing, easy-going, and with a highly creative nature. Suveer is stylish, elegant, and with an attractive personality. He is stable and likes to live an organized and well-balanced life. Suveer can solve any problem easily with his structured tactics and is highly sophisticated.

12. Soham

Soham means - God is within all of us

Soham is strong from within. He is sensitive, tactful, and knows how to work in a team. He analyses things in-depth and is inquisitive about his surroundings. Soham is a pure soul who is lovable, kind, and affectionate. He is a problem solver and works on facts and scientific evidence. He is shy and likes living in a quiet environment.

13. Shreyansh

Shreyansh means - Part of God, Fame

Shreyansh is a sincere boy who always supports the truth. He is noble, serene, and calm by nature. Shreyansh likes to help everyone and has an inner desire to turn this world into a better place to live in. He is always looked upon by others for advice. Shreyansh is always appreciated for his love and believes in values. He is a family man.

14. Savar

Savar means – Another name of Lord Shiva

Savar is intelligent, intuitive, and with a good reasoning capability. He has a love for truth and an interest in spirituality. This boy is influential and knows how to lead others. He is good at managing things and making decisions. With his kind nature, he can please anyone. He thinks deeply before acting and that's what always takes him to the top.

15. Shoolin

Shoolin means - One who has the trident

Shoolin has the inherent capability of being successful. His ambitions are high. He is neat, orderly, and very much determined to achieve his goals. He has got the power to face any situation. He is realistic and knows how to act. Shoolin is extremely cooperative and makes himself available whenever he is needed by his friends.

16. Samarth

Samarth means – Able

Samarth is a respectful boy who lives with balance and strength. He is born to rule and lead. His name gives him the ability to enjoy material success in his life. He is compassionate, sympathetic, and comfortable to talk to. His kind nature makes him engage well with others. He is emotional and always ready to lend his shoulder.

17. Sashwat

Sashwat means - Eternal One

Sashwat is a wise man who has that inner strength. He is a family man who likes being in society. He is focused and goal-oriented. Sashwat is full of energy and confidence. People perceive Sashwat as a strong personality who can convince anyone with his opinions. He is attractive and liked by all.

18. Sidheshwar

Sidheshwar means – God of ashth siddhi

Sidheshwar is an inspiration for everyone. He is sensible, practical, and a well-balanced personality. Sidheshwar has an artistic nature and values family customs and traditions. He is elegant, confident, and impressive. He has a love for all forms of art, is responsible for his actions, and good friend to everyone.

19. Shivank

Shivank means – Part of Lord Shiv

Shivank is an inspiration. He is ever smiling, kind-hearted, and cheerful. The best thing about him is his optimistic attitude towards life. He is good at expressing his thoughts and a charming individual. Shivank has an outgoing nature and can impress anyone with his thoughts. He is creative and loves to pen down his experiences.

20. Sarvin

Sarvin means - God of love, Best Archer, Victory

Sarvin, as his name, is full of love, warmth, and affection. He is a radiant personality who is natural and genuine in his opinions. He loves to take the charge and lead people. Sarvin is the boss who is dignified and respectable. His self-sufficient nature makes him liked by all. He has an outstanding intellect and that’s what makes him stand out from the rest.

21. Saagesh

Saagesh means - Another name for Lord Shiva

Saagesh is a successful man who is kind and forgiving. He is excited to take up new challenges. He is an analyzer and studies everything in detail. His decisions are based on facts and evidence. Saagesh has a kind nature that makes him work well with others. He is strong, influential, confident, and a courageous boy.

In this article, we bring to you the iconic Lord Shiva names for baby boy starting with S. These are different and just perfect for your little bundle of joy. Go ahead and choose your favorite one!

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