Modern names are in trend these days as all the parents want to find a name for their baby boy which is latest yet connected to the roots of Hindu culture. A name that is in tune with the changing world yet intensely reflecting our strong heritage. Here we are with the top 31 modern baby boy names Hindu 2023.

The name has a bearing on nature and attitude, hence we have shared with you the personality traits associated with that name. Hope you like all the details presented by the NewMumLife team in this article after in-depth exploration and can find a suitable name for your tiny tot!

Modern Baby Boy Names Hindu 2023

After going through intensive search on various internet platforms, NewMumLife team brings to you the best of the best modern baby boy names Hindu 2023 that you can consider for your little champion. Without further ado, let's get started:

1. Ekansh

Ekansh means - Whole; Complete; Absolute

Ekansh is a boy who is equipped with thoughts and ideas which are out of the box. He is intelligent, highly determined, and has a soothing attitude which makes him attractive to all people. This boy is emotional and polite by nature which makes him likable.

2. Inesh

Inesh means - Strong king; King of Kings

Inesh is a boy with huge inner power that makes him realistic, positive, and allows him to ward off any negativity around him. This boy is loving and passionate about the work that helps him to achieve perfection in his field and accumulate success.

3. Mayan

Mayan means - God of love; Pure; of the earth

Mayan is a boy who is indifferent to wealth and focuses his energy and strength on positive pursuits throughout his life. He is a boy with a heart and mind full of purity and noble thoughts.

4. Pranit

Pranit means - Leader; Humble boy

Pranit is a charismatic boy with qualities of energy and enthusiasm. He is a creative being with a desire to accumulate knowledge and education. This boy has excellent interactive abilities.

5. Reyansh

Reyansh means - Ray of light; Another name of Lord Vishnu

Reyansh is a lovable boy who gains appreciation from one and all for his zest for information throughout his life. He is a strong boy with a focus centered on his goals thereby achieving huge success.

6. Ahaan

Ahaan means - Dawn; Sunrise; Morning glory; First ray of light

Ahaan is a creative being who is passionate about his creative works. He is a boy with a strong and a determined mind who gives full attention to details which helps him to flourish in life.

7. Vedant

Vedant means - One who has complete knowledge of the Vedas; Ultimate wisdom

Vedant is a jolly boy who loves to have fun and makes people around him happy. He can create an imaginary world around himself. Being talkative, he is brilliant at expressing his wisdom and mastery.

8. Aadrik

Aadrik means - The sun rising between the mountains

Aadrik is a promising boy who gets ample opportunities in life to achieve his desires with vigor and perseverance. His good nature and pleasing personality aid him in making friends.

9. Amey

Amey means - One who is free from deceit and error; Another name of Lord Ganesha

Amey is a responsible boy who takes a keen interest in taking care of elders and the needy. He is a practical and competent boy who stays away from negativity and pretense for materializing his dreams.

10. Bajeesh

Bajeesh means - Born to win

Bajeesh is a boy having the qualities of quick-mindedness, versatility, and expression. This boy is adaptive towards changes and has a knack for gaining new experiences in life which makes him a winner.

11. Bhasvan

Bhasvan means - Lustrous; Full of brightness; Another name of sun God

Bhasvan is a dutiful boy with immense patience. With his power of imagination and intelligence, this boy is capable of earning laurels by fulfilling his tasks in most of the critical phases of life.

12. Chandravadan

Chandravadan means - Moon like face

Chandravadan is a multi-talented boy who is most likely to accomplish his targets with the help of his positive and firm decision-making abilities. This boy grows into a handsome being. Honesty is one of his strongest traits.

13. Chandresh

Chandresh means - King of the moon

Chandresh is a vivacious boy with an indestructible inner power with which he can sustain in almost all conditions. He is an affectionate boy who also receives attention and compassion from people around him.

14. Daarshik

Daarshik means - The one who perceivesĀ 

Daarshik is a smart boy who is capable of understanding situations, people, and surroundings with perfection. Being an emotional boy, he has a philosophical bent of mind and takes his decision with his heart.

15. Hriman

Hriman means - Wealthy

Hriman is a sensitive soul with a caring attitude which makes him appealing to everyone. This boy is highly motivated towards succeeding in his choice of field. He is sophisticated and generous.

16. Ishir

Ishir means - Agni/fire; Powerful; Refreshing

Ishir is intuitive and possesses high ideals. This boy has an inspirational approach towards life because of his self-sacrificing, caring, and self-sufficient attributes. A strong boy who leads by example.

17. Sudyut

Sudyut means - Shining beautifully

Sudyut is a real charmer with a sense of devotion, warmth, and depth. This boy is grounded and pragmatic with a strong sense of determination because of which he shines under immense pressure as well.

18. Vehant

Vehant means - Wisdom and intelligence

Vehant is a boy who is imaginative and innovative in his approach. This boy thinks out of the box and has the yearning of leading an independent and fulfilling life. His wisdom is far-fetched making him victorious.

19. Yaashvan

Yaashvan means - Winner

Yaashvan is victorious and possesses the ability to comprehend, assess, and analyze things to turn any situation in his favor. This boy inculcates the desire to come out as a winner in all the possible circumstances life throws at him.

20. Fanish

Fanish means - Name of majestic Lord Shiva

Fanish is a boy having vitality and enthusiasm. This boy has a knack for excelling in the fields of art and music to which he shall adapt easily. He is a boy with a contended and relaxed soul who finds happiness in the smallest of things.

21. Hridaan

Hridaan means- commonly believed to mean a 'generous heart'

Hridaan is kind, caring, and compassionate towards one and all. This boy is tolerant and adaptive in his attitude but works diligently in the realization of targets. He is soft-spoken and can mesmerize people with his kind words.

22. Ganith

Ganith means - Armed group or flower park

Ganith is a brilliant boy with an adventurous bent of mind. He loves challenges and looks forward to new routines for keeping his mind and body active and alert. He is social, productive, and witty in his general nature.

23. Gitansh

Gitansh means - A part of Geeta

Gitansh is a sympathetic and responsible boy who keeps the family as his priority. This boy is well-versed and informative. He possesses great oratorical and leadership skills. He is a kind and sweet-natured boy.

24. Jivin

Jivin means - To give life

Jivin is a boy with a logical and practical nature who is caring and is inclined towards helping and supporting others. This boy has a reasonable attitude and is a charmer. He loves to live life to the fullest.

25. Krishiv

Krishiv means - Combination with the names of 'Krishna and Shiva'

Krishiv is a spiritual boy with a calm and composed demeanor. He is born to accomplish many achievements with his smart work. Being a committed personality, he works with vigor and determination.

26. Lithvik

Lithvik means - Bright; Variant

Lithvik is a natural leader, pioneering, and an action-oriented boy who is brave and determined. This boy is a visionary and also helps others when they are in need. His creativity shines through his work and ethics.

27. Mahin

Mahin means - Eartha

Mahin is a lovely boy with an attractive persona. This boy loves the company of his near and dear ones and is a compassionate soul. He is emotional, dedicated, practical, and logical in his attitude.

28. Naksh

Naksh means - Features or moon

Naksh is a boy having an endearing personality with a balanced nature. He is vivacious, humourous, and entertaining. This boy is spiritually inclined. His neutral and unbiased approach towards people is phenomenal.

29. Onir

Onir means - Shining

Onir is vibrant and bright with a positive frame of mind. He is a jolly person and fun to be around. This boy is humble and honest in his dealings with everyone. He is bestowed with a fine sense of music.

30. Tavish

Tavish means - Courageous; Strong; Gold

Tavish is a faithful and determined boy who with his hard work can create a comfortable world for himself and his family. With a creative imagination, this boy is the master of his beautiful destiny.

31. Devyan

Devyan means - Serving the GodsĀ 

Devyan is a sensible boy who possesses outstanding grasping and organization skills which assist in his growth. This boy displays a mature demeanor from the very beginning. Helping others in need is his second nature.

Choosing the perfect name for their little prince is an important task for the parents. This article has provided you with the most unique modern baby boy names Hindu 2023 after complete research. We know that you will surely like the suggested names. Do let us know the name that you loved the most!

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