Pregnancy certainly requires the right nutrition and diet for the best of the health of both the mother and the baby. However, a mother's routine diet alone may not be sufficient sometimes. Mother's Horlicks has been trusted for over two decades now and is scientifically proven to provide essential nutrition for lactation as well as pregnancy. This supplement drink is a powerhouse of 25 vital nutrients that are of utmost importance for a mother's health and a baby's growth inside her womb. It has got just the right amount of nutrients (and calories) considered necessary per day for pregnancy and maintenance of good health. With lots of vitamins, minerals, and folic acid, it is a power-packed drink for mothers.

The first 6 months post-delivery are crucial as the baby is completely dependent on the mother for its diet. This time involves feeding, feeding, and the right feeding. Just as important as the baby's growth, a mother is also reviving her original self. She has to take care of her well-being along with feeding the right amount of nutrition to the baby. This drink helps a mother get enough nutrients to not only feed her requirements but also server her baby's growing needs.

This article talks about every question related to Mother’s Horlicks and is going to address your every doubt related to this supplement drink. Let’s get started.

Mother’s Horlicks Benefits

Mother’s Horlicks is a supplement drink that has been scientifically designed for pregnant and lactating mothers to satisfy their nutritional requirements. The Mother’s Horlicks benefits include:

  • It has got 25 vital nutrients and is a powerhouse of nutrition for both mothers and the baby
  • The drink consists of DHA and Choline that are primarily required for a baby's brain development
  • The best part is that this drink has got no added sugar and hence, absolutely safe for the mama
  • The presence of micronutrients including Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, A, Selenium, and Iodine helps improve the quality of breast milk during lactation
  • It contains 50% RDAs (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of immunity supporting nutrients like Vitamin A, E, Selenium, and copper which are known to support immune functions
  • 100% RDAs of Vitamins B2, B12, and C during pregnancy
  • 100% RDAs of folic acid and Iron during lactation
  • Protein, carbohydrates, and fats are known to support the healthy birth weight
  • It has a 100% Amino acids score and thus, is high in proteins
  • Includes elemental calcium and vitamin D that help in the development of the baby's bones and teeth
  • Great taste and from the house of No. 1 Gynaecologist recommended brand
  • Prepared using a unique process that helps make it easy to digest
  • Wholesome, quick, and easy to make

Nutrition Information

NutrientsQty./100gm approx.Known Functions of Nutrients
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)
Folic Acid
Vitamin C
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
80 mg
111 mg
28 mg
240 mcg
80 mg
1.86 mg
2.70 mg
1.60 mcg
193.3 mcg
Supports baby’s mental and physical development
Protein (Ideal quality with AAS3 100)20 gHelps the baby's growth
(of which sugar)
Total fat
(of which Saturated Fatty Acids)
Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids
Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids
Trans Fatty Acid
65.2 g
0 g
1.3 g
1 g
0.15 g
0.10 g
0 g
20 mg
353 kcal
Provides energy
Vitamin D
466.70 mg
3.30 mcg
Aids development of baby’s bones and teeth
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
866 mcg
10 mg
4 mg
46.7 mcg
0.90 mg
Aids healthy immune function; Antioxidant function
Vitamin B1
0.90 mg
12 mg
62 mg
Helps release energy from food
200 mg
620 mg
476 mg
Maintenance of electrolyte balance


Here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

What is the ingredient list?

Milk Solids (59%), Corn Solids (hydrolyzed), Cereal extract (3%), Minerals, Nature Identical Flavouring Substances, DHA powder, Vitamins, Edible vegetable oil (palm kernel oil), Natural flavor, Natural color (INS 100(i))

It contains permitted natural color and added flavors (natural and nature-identical flavoring substances)

What is the right time to start the Mother’s Horlicks in pregnancy?

You can easily start consuming this drink from Day 1 of your pregnancy and can continue throughout your pregnancy.

How much quantity of Mother’s Horlicks to consume?

Add 25g Mother's Horlicks (approx. 1.5 leveled scoops) to 200ml of hot or cold milk/water. Stir and consume it fresh. You can even add sugar if required. This dosage can be consumed thrice a day.

Can I consume Mother’s Horlicks with my other additional supplements?

Yes, you can use it with your other pregnancy supplements. It will keep you covered in case your diet lacks certain required nutrients.

Can I use Mother’s Horlicks post-delivery?

Absolutely yes! Mother's Horlicks is formulated especially for consumption during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. It supports lactating mothers by helping them increase their milk supply and providing all the essential nutrients required for the baby's growth.

What flavors are available in Mother’s Horlicks?

It comes in three flavors – vanilla, chocolate, and Kesar.

What is the MRP of Mother’s Horlicks?

A packet of 200 g of Mother’s Horlicks costs Rs. 199 and a 500 g packet costs Rs. 525.

Where to Buy?

You can easily get this drink online from Amazon. Here are the links:

Sr. No.ProductsBuy Now
1The 500 g PackBuy From Amazon
2The 200 g PackBuy From Amazon

The Final Words

There are plentiful Mother’s Horlicks benefits as it has got all the essential nutrients that are required for a baby's healthy growth and development. It has got high protein and micronutrients which help increase the baby's weight along with DHA, and choline which aid the baby's brain development. This powerful drink is also known to improve the quality of breast milk and hence, extremely beneficial for lactating mothers. The article lists down the Mother’s Horlicks benefits and clears every FAQ related to its consumption. Get it now and gift yourself some health today!

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