A Marathi girl is strong, unique, helping, and street-smart. She is a perfect balance of modern philosophy and traditional values. This girl is God-loving, compassionate, and loyal. She is brave and the lioness of her den. Let us look at the most regal, classic, premier, and royal Marathi names for girl.

A name is your identity and leaves an impact on the person you are interacting with. It is believed that every name has a meaning and it gives the person a salient character and personality. After comprehensive searching, we have jotted down the topmost royal Marathi names for girl for your sweetheart.

31 Royal Marathi Names for Girl 2023

After extensive scrutiny and finding, our team has brought to you the list of these beautiful and royal Marathi names for girl. So consider this list as your name catalog and select an iconic name for your angel. Now, let's get started with the names:

1. Askini

Askini means - Daughter of Prajapati Virat

Askini is an intellectual girl with a phenomenal memory. She can recall anything read, heard, or seen with accuracy and details. This girl is destined to obtain power and authority in life by working smartly towards her goals.

2. Bandita

Bandita means - Blessed; Who is worshipped

Bandita is a divine soul who is respected because of her sympathetic and nurturing orientation. This girl has an idealistic perspective towards life and is capable of sharing, guiding, and advising people with her knowledge.

3. Chitrani

Chitrani means - River Ganga

Chitrani is a vivacious and chirpy girl who is hyperactive. This girl loves to visit different places and meet new people. Everything about this girl is extraordinary as she is smart, sensible, and compassionate.

4. Darshita

Darshita means - Shown; Good morning; Sight

Darshita has a meticulous and diligent personality. She never shies away from challenges that come her way. She is mature and methodical in her work. This girl is a perfectionist with a creative mind.

5. Edha

Edha means - Sacred; Wealth; Happiness

Edha is a jolly girl who has the potential and capability to acquire luxury and gain prosperity with her smartness and craft. This girl is blessed and will be respected duly because of her idealistic personality.

6. Faloni

Faloni means – In-charge

Faloni is a charitable girl who is made for leading a position of power and authority with a perfect balance and methodology. This girl is tough and mighty. She has a proactive and diligent personality.

7. Ganika

Ganika means - Jasmine flower

Ganika is a sweetheart with a soft heart. This girl is beautiful inside-out. She stands out in the crowd because of her sophisticated mannerisms and disposition. Despite a petite body frame, she is quick-witted and sharp.

8. Hemita

Hemita means - Covered with gold

Hemita has an angelic persona with a strong mind. This girl is worthy of living a comfortable life with possessions which she is going to attain by working hard in her profession. She is brimming with confidence.

9. Iraja

Iraja means - Daughter of Wind

Iraja is a free-spirited, open-minded, and cheerful girl. This girl possesses a good sense of humor and becomes the center of attraction wherever she goes. She is swift in her actions and thought process.

10. Jemisha

Jemisha means - Queen of the night

Jemisha is a logical and practical girl. This girl makes full use of her mind, wit, and senses to accomplish goals in life. With great stamina and vigor, this girl can tirelessly work for hours at a stretch to attain her objectives.

11. Krupal

Krupal means - Ruler of the world

Krupal is a determined, vigilant, and independent girl who knows what she aspires to be in life. A born leader, this girl displays a strong character in all the fields where she works. She is a passionate soul.

12. Lekisha

Lekisha means - Life

Lekisha is a girl full of character, positivity, and warmth. She is an emotional being and loves to pamper her near and dear ones from time to time. One can never get bored in her company and her devotion towards her family is infectious.

13. Medhaavi

Medhaavi means - Wise, Very intelligent

Medhaavi is a bright and clever girl who is known for her wisdom and brilliance. Undoubtedly, she is one of a kind and displays perseverance in her work and attitude. This girl will surely shine like a bright star.

14. Navika

Navika means - New; Another name for Goddess Lakshmi

Navika is a girl brimming with energy, spirit, and confidence. This girl never gets bogged down with negativity or monotony, but she flourishes beautifully under pressure. She has an aura of divinity and freshness around her.

15. Ojashvi

Ojashvi means - Glow; Vitality; Bright

Ojashvi is iconic and special. This girl is self-independent, ambitious, and attentive. She will work aggressively towards her aim and achieve them within deadlines. This attitude makes her a winner in life and she blossoms into a smart and sensible person.

16. Paridhi

Paridhi means - Realm; Empire

Paridhi is a virtuous decision-maker who takes all the pros and cons into due consideration when deciding on the most important matters of her life. She is the creator of her destiny. With a sharp, logical, and imaginative mind, this girl rocks!

17. Qira

Qira means - Generous

Qira is a girl with an innovative and attentive mind. She has a benevolent and helping personality. This girl loves to shower love on her family, relatives, close friends, and pet animals. She is kind-hearted and humble.

18. Rupashi

Rupashi means - Beautiful lady

Rupashi is a girl with an attractive mind as she is optimistic and attentive. She is blessed with beautiful facial features and has a diva-like persona. She is classy and charming. Her grasping power is excellent.

19. Shrizal

Shrizal means - God

Shrizal is a fascinating girl with a generous attitude. She is helpful, graceful, and welcoming. Interact with her and you get to know about her philosophical thinking. She is a leader and creator. Her aura is divine.

20. Trishika

Trishika means - Goddess Lakshmi

Trishika is an upbeat and promising girl as her nature is comforting and cooperative. She is blessed and a lucky soul. This girl is effervescent and lively. She is full of energy and loves to grow, learn and earn for her family.

21. Uruvi

Uruvi means - Substantial; The earth; Excellent

Uruvi is a girl with a dependable nature. She is a go-to person when someone needs a piece of advice or a listening ear. She has immense patience and a mature head on her shoulders. She is meant to work hard and make her life comfortable.

22. Vrutika

Vrutika means - Success in life

Vrutika is a prosperous and lovely girl who loves sharing with her near and dear ones. With her ambitious thinking, she puts her heart and soul into her work and personal life and comes out victorious and happy.

23. Wamika

Wamika means - Goddess Durga

Wamika is an indestructible soul who passionately works upon her development from the very beginning. Being a disciplinarian, this girl is dedicated to her craft. An excellent orator and performer, she can do well in creative fields.

24. Yashita

Yashita means - Fame

Yashita is a girl with a certain eminence and glory about her. This girl puts in laborious efforts in her deeds and achieves accolades in return. She leaves no stone unturned to make her performance in all her tasks appreciable.

25. Arshiya

Arshiya means - Heavenly

Arshiya has a blissful and pleasurable disposition. Everyone who engages in a conversation with her praises her for her idealistic behavior. This girl is homely, down-to-earth, and charismatic.

26. Naisha

Naisha means - Lovely flower

Naisha is a petite, tender, and sweet-natured girl. She has an affinity for arts and crafts, where she can excel beyond measures. This girl loves music and melody. She harmonies well with people of all ages and is a progressive person.

27. Swarnika

Swarnika means - Gold

Swarnika is a fortunate girl and her destiny favors her in the best possible manner. This girl is born with immense grit and perseverance. She tries to make every opportunity count by giving her finest performance in whatever field she chooses.

28. Hritvika

Hritvika means - Joy of love

Hritvika is a girl full of warmth, fondness, and attachment. She feels pleasure in taking her loved ones forward in her journey of life. She ensures that her family is well taken care of, lives comfortably, and she keeps showering them with compliments and appreciation.

29. Kiruba

Kiruba means - Grace of God

Kiruba is a blessing to her parents and extended family because this girl is not only a brave heart but also a powerhouse of performance and commitment. This girl is lucky because she maintains her dedication to her work.

30. Riyanka

Riyanka means - Lovable; Beautiful

Riyanka is a gorgeous person in and out. Together with a sensible mind, she also possesses a warm heart. People fall in love with her sophisticated personality. She is highly likable and a social butterfly.

31. Tvisha

Tvisha means - Brilliance; Bright

Tvisha is an intelligent, sensitive, and talented girl. This girl will surely shine in her life because she knows the hack of balancing work and personal space. With a gifted and

This article aims to appraise you with the most stylish and exemplary royal Marathi names for girl 2023 for your doll. We sincerely hope that you find this extensive list of names helpful and interesting. Do let us know in the comments the name you have chosen for your little star.

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