Cherry-picking a name is a momentous decision. A name defines the identity of a person. Mostly, we choose it based on our culture or family practices.If wishing to find the best cultural Sanskrit names for boys, it is the right page to read. In this article, we have sorted a detailed list of the most unique and beautiful Sanskrit baby boy names.

Best 31 Sanskrit Baby Boy Names

So, here are the best Sanskrit names for boys:

1. Ahim

Ahim means - Cloud, water, traveller

The name Ahim represents being aware of the surroundings, the hope to always see the bright side, and having a keen interest in others with mindfulness. Ahim wants to lead and be independent. He is proud of his abilities and loves getting recognized for them. The boy named Ahim always seeks opportunities to prove his strengths and usefulness.

2. Edhas

Edhas means - Happiness

Edhas is a thoughtful boy who has creativity which is out of the box. His intelligence and power could lead him to have his ideal life. He is emotional yet polite in nature. To attract people,he uses his soothing and pleasuring attitude. Boy named Edhas is popular and may like to live a domestic life. He perfectly balances love and emotion leading to a happy and non – conflict life. An ambitious boy with positive aspects.

3. Faneesh

Faneesh means - Lord Shiva

Faneesh is professional by nature and positively understands the substantial balance of life. He is genuine by heart and very emotional.Creative, peaceful, well-mannered, and calm are the characteristics that make him unique. Obedient and responsive, Faneesh can be a great leader. The boy may possess drastic energy for doing things in a unified way. Curious and determined are other traits of this name.

4. Ekansh

Ekansh means - Whole

He is very enthusiastic. He can handle the circumstances in life with unchecked emotions. The boy named Ekansh has a clear vision of life because of his concerned attitude towards the future. Though he would save money yet will be happy without any limitations. Ekansh has strong communication skills which will help him to achieve his goals.

5. Reyansh

Reyansh means - Ray of light, another name for Lord Shiva

One of the Sanskrit boy names is Reyansh, who tries to take things easily. This boy is determined for his goal and achievements. He has plenty of innovative ideas and works hard for the same. Innocence and a good zeal towards living are the basic traits of Reyansh. He can win hearts!

6. Aadyot

Aadyot means - Praise

A boy named Aadyot is passionate about creative work. His promising nature makes others interact with him. He is popular in the circle of his friends because of his pleasing nature and good deeds. The boy has clear visions of his life as far as his opinions matter.

7. Aadit

Aadit means - Peak

Aadit’s peak determination helps him to achieve his deserving success. Aadit is extremely talented and will perceive opportunities to prove his talents. He is a lovely person who enjoys spreading happiness. Aadit has a keen interest in drama and poetry and this may also pave the way to his achievements and a huge success.

8. Ashvat

Ashvat means - Strong

One of the Sanskrit names for boy, Ashvat is authentically real, serene to calm his time, and honor of his valuable possession. He has visions and would accomplish them. Also, he is a treasure of all his friendships. A valued person!

9. Daiwik

Daiwik means - By the grace of God

He is discreet to keep a secret, amenable to his easy-going nature. He has a vast imagination and will share by boosting up his confidence. A boy named Daiwik would probably love to travel all around the world. Honesty is the basic characteristic of this name.

10. Hirav

Hirav means - Greenery

Hirav is a boy who has logical thinking. He is well organized and appreciates rules and routines. The boy named Hirav pays attention to minute details while setting to work. A scientist or a good manager is the preferred career of the named trait.

11. Idhant

Idhant means - Luminous

He always shows up with infinite possibilities. This boy has a warm heart with a loving and caring nature. He is angelic, with a truly pure heart. He loves to be organized and compatible with his life. And at last, for friends, he would always be free.

12. Manan

Manan means - Meditate or thinking

Manan is extremely liberal in giving and being generous. He is artistic by adding beauty to the world. Manan has a natural genuine side for his companions. He loves helping others and being there for everyone around him.

13. Soumil

Soumil means - Friend

The boy named Soumil is special to his closed ones and vice versa and loves to keep things in order. He likes bringing people together and enjoys being around them. Little things matter to him a lot.

14. Prathyush

Prathyush means - Dawn, the sun

Prathyush always seeks perfection and would reassure eliminating doubts. He absolutely knows what’s on his mind and has a strong spirit. The boy named Prathyush can fight and yearn for his innermost desires even by upstanding a horrible way. He tries his best to feel encouraged and hopeful.

15. Ashvith

Ashvith means - Ocean

The boy named Ashvith is creative and grounded. He is attached to his parents and a bit emotional too. Ashvith has a clear vision and rigid determination. Confidence, a leading personality, and gratefulness are the added characteristics of this name.

16. Advith

Advith means - Unique, focused

Advith is authorized by his surroundings. He has a pure kind soul and a giving nature. The boy named Advith is always intended to be dandy and a stylish icon. He loves to live with having higher ideals.

17. Adhyash

Adhyash means - the one who is respected / honored

The boy named Adhyansh is strong-minded and ready to take his own path of success. His promising nature and attitude make him popular. He has a pleasing personality and is eager to do good deeds for others. Determination and perfection are the traits that make this boy stand out.

18. Karunesh

Karunesh means - Lord of mercy

The Sanskrit baby boy name Karunesh gives the person a stack of good old memories in the back to cherish them often. He is honorable and simply a rock star. Karunesh has a natural genuine side, a superb attitude towards life, and an adorable and heart-out laugh.

19. Sashwat

Sashwat means - Eternal, Lord Shiva

Sashwat has a serious personality with an intelligent brain. He is assisted by admirers throughout his life. This boy has a devoting and creative nature. Sashwat loves to travel and explore every corner around the globe. He is always accompanied by laughter and happiness.

20. Trinabh

Trinabh means - Lord Vishnu

The boy named Trinabhhas a noble personality. He is a wordsmith and is fond of learning different arts. Trinabh has a strong and determined character that helps to achieve success. He enjoys sports, music, and poetry.

21. Nandish

Nandish means - Lord Vishnu

Nandish is a nurturing person accompanied by an accountable personality. He is mature enough as per his age. Boy named Nandish has an artistic flair and is ready to help others anytime. Curiosity, Independence, and emotional are his other traits.

22. Adheesh

Adheesh means - King, Hindu God

Adheesh has an adaptable personality. He likes accepting a variety of challenges and risks. He enjoys happiness in every way and has a delightful personality from within. Adheesh is eternally alive, a scholar, and is always eager to start or try something new.

23. Bhasvan

Bhasvan means - Sun, full of brightness

The boy with the name Bhasvan is intelligent and imaginative. He can achieve great success in creative fields like painting, script writing, arts, etc. The boy is kind-hearted and has an influential personality. Bhasvan is curious and has an inquisitive mind.

24. Yupaksh

Yupaksh means - The eye of victory

Yupaksh is eternally youthful and enthusiastic. He is a pioneer adventurous spirit accompanied by a competitive nature. The boy named Yupaksh treasures the old memories kept in his heart. He is emotional and grounded.

25. Subhashith

Subhashith means - Good counsel

Subhashith keeps the things well organized and is dedicated to work. He has leadership qualities and has talent to keep everyone happy. His enormous knowledge helps him to keep his goals well defined. Determination is the basic trait of the name.

26. Stavit

Stavit means - Praised

One of the Sanskrit baby boy names, Stavit, desires independence and love. He is kind-hearted and philanthropic. Stavit is a boy who is spiritual and broadminded. Being determined in his way of works, he can achieve success and power.

27. Pramad

Pramad means - Joy, Delight, Pleasure

Pramad is loving and homely. He is artistic and likes quality work. The boy named Pramad loves calmness and comfort. He is fond of music and is creative by nature. Charming, intelligent, serene, and generous are the characteristics of this name

28. Parinut

Parinut means - Famous

Parinut is intellectual and likes freedom. He thinks twice before taking action and is highly respected for this. Parinut can be an amazing narrator and tells stories in the best and attractive way. He has a stack of innovative ideas.

29. Amish

Amish means - Free of deceit

Amish is a beautiful Sanskrit boy name which makes the person attractive and smart. A boy named Amish is honest, loyal, and trustworthy. He is energetic and determined to do the work his way and is successful in his path. He has a pleasing personality too.

30. Charvik

Charvik means - Intelligent

Charvik is full of inner strength and has a good decision-making power. He is energetic and honest. The positivity and affection that he spreads all around makes him more attractive. His supportive nature and determination take him to high levels.

31. Ojasvin

Ojasvin means - Mighty

The boy named Ojasvin is optimistic and kind-hearted. He is humble by nature and a family person. Ojasvin is a great soul and a determined personality. He has the power to comprehend people well and can achieve great success in his life.

Sanskrit is the language of Indian culture since times immemorial. The Sanskrit baby boy names are often selected by parents as they have deep meanings associated with them. The name has to be chosen carefully as the child tends to pick the traits associated with the name. The letters, the meanings have a huge significance all through life. Sanskrit boy names are good to opt for and this article will help to finalize one.

Do let us know which one you chose for your little one in the comments sections below.

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