‘Vadhaiyan’ on the birth of your little Sikh baby boy. A Sikh is truthful, compassionate, contended, and full of courage. The name of a Sikh boy should reflect these virtues that a Sikh is believed to be born with. Give us a chance. Let us help you with the top 31 Sikh baby boy names that are deep and meaningful. Just browse through our list of the latest Sikh baby boy names and pick the one that suits your Sikh boy.

Best Sikh Baby Boy Names

Check out the best Sikh baby boy names from our list of top ones. These have been listed with meanings obtained from reliable sources. Go ahead and shortlist your favorite one from the latest Sikh baby boy names.

1. Agamjot

The profound, far-reaching light of God

Agamjot is stimulating, charismatic, and an idea generator. He can easily inspire and influence people around him. He has got that potential for success within him.

2. Yashveer

Glorious and brave

Yashveer has strength and knows his mind well. He is a hero and is enriched with qualities. He is gentle, sensitive, and a calm person. His intuitive mind makes him always succeed in his life.

3. Chirjot

The light that lasts till infinity

Chirjot is a highly charged personality who is gentle and cooperative. He is always there to help and cares for those he loves. He is lovable and is always looked upon for advice by others.

4. Lakbir

One who is as brave as one hundred thousand

Lakbir is kind, brilliant, and with an impressive list of qualities. He is born to become a leader. He can generate solutions to any type of problem. He is artistic and has a love for nature.

5. Namratpreet

Politeness and modesty

Namratpreet is a lively person who can make anyone laugh. He is refreshing, sparkling, and simply a perfectionist. He loves to enjoy life and is liked by everyone around him.

6. Zaibjeet

Victory of beauty

Zaibjeet is a steady and balanced person who loves to live in society and friends. He is a family person, a provider. He has the potential to turn things to him with his patience and caliber.

7. Harnek

God's honorable person

Harnek is a happy person who is kind and nice to all. He is a sympathetic, generous, and compassionate being. He has the vision to succeed in life and is well aware of his surroundings.

8. Vardaan

God’s reward, precious gift

Vardaan has a love to live life to the fullest. He is dependable and with the talent to become famous in his life. He is liked by everyone for his nature. He is loving, graceful, and intelligent.

9. Aneeldeep

Holy, pristine light

Aneeldeep has a desire to live a happy life. He is structured, methodical, and likes doing things in a planned way. Aneeldeep is practical, stable, disciplined, and an extremely hardworking person.

10. Tanvir


Tanvir loves nature. He is optimistic, charming, and an inspiring personality. He has the inner desire to become a leader and take charge of things. His gentle and graceful nature makes him special.

11. Ojas

Full of brilliance, light, body strength, the nectar of life

Ojas is a serene and calm boy. He is generous, creative, and full of artistic talents. He loves to gather knowledge and study things in depth. The boy is always liked for his gentle and graceful nature.

12. Balnoor

Light of the strong

Balnoor is a charming personality. He spreads laughter wherever he goes. He is natural, optimistic, and full of positive energies. He is inquisitive and can take sensible decisions.

13. Opraaj

God’s Kingdom

Opraaj is a pure and spiritual boy. He is easy-going and has got a creative mind. His problem-solving capability is excellent. This boy is strong, sensitive, and has good control over emotions.

14. Gurvaid

Divine knowledge

Gurvaid is a gracious boy who can be relied upon easily by anyone. He is trustworthy, highly focused, and a born leader. He likes to live an organized life and keeps everything structured and systematic.

15. Itbaar


Itbaar is a blossoming personality. He has that spark in him to turn things his way. He is steady, balanced, and very creative. He loves to live in harmony and believes in religion and philosophy.

16. Hardit

Granted by God

Hardit, like his name, is a hero. He has a radiant and sparkling personality. This boy is an idea generator and always inspires and influences others. He has the potential to succeed in his life.

17. Ikbir

Courageous one

Ikbir is full of warmth and affection. He is inspiring and encourages everyone around him. This boy is trustworthy and a family person. He loves to live in society and can easily be counted on by anyone.

18. Mahip

Earth’s protector

Mahip knows his mind well. He is intense and a highly charged personality. This boy can mesmerize anyone with his ideas and thoughts. He is creative and can find a solution to any problem.

19. Sehejbir

Effortlessly heroic

Sehejbir has that electric smile to melt anyone around him easily. He is joyful and always there to help. He can turn ideas into reality and is reliable, hardworking, disciplined, stable, and practical.

20. Mahtaab


Mahtaab is a born leader who is highly focused and result-oriented. He has the wish to enjoy his life and loves to spread happiness and harmony around. He is an entertainer and great at expressing.

21. Fazilnoor

Light of the superior, scholar

Fazilnoor has the trait to leave a long-lasting impact wherever he goes. He is full of zeal and intensity. He is ambitious and can turn his dreams and goals into reality. He is full of new ideas.

22. Prithipal

Beloved, cherisher, protector

Prithipal is a spiritual and a pure person. He is refreshing, sparkling, and with a tender and loving nature. His forgiving attitude and kind nature are his assets. He loves to take the charge and lead.

23. Robinder

Lord of traditions

Robinder is an excellent organizer. He knows how to manage things and can easily turn his ideas into reality. He is reliable, hardworking, and analyses things carefully before getting to any decision.

24. Nripinder

Lord of kings

Nripinder is a noble personality with great ideals. He thinks rationally and can easily bring ideas to life. This boy is dependable and loves to live freely. He likes traveling and meeting new people.

25. Manjaap

Mind of voice

Manjaap is a simple boy who can easily settle in any situation. He desires to live a good and happy life. He is a born entertainer and great at expressing his thoughts and love, is strong, and powerful.

26. Mehpreet

The mind filled with Love

Mehpreet is a perfectionist. He is elegant, and always treasures his friends. Mehpreet is lively, intelligent, and a witty personality. He is a high-energy worker who likes to live in a structured place.

27. Naininder

God in the eyes

Naininder is an intuitive boy. He is graceful, intelligent, and with good logical reasoning ability. This boy appreciates nature’s beauty, treasures family and values, and has got great artistic talents.

28. Jaiteg

Victory with sword

Jaiteg is a sparkling boy who has a love for spiritualism. He cares for everyone around him and treasures his friends. He is dignified, self-sufficient, and knows how to keep the balance in everything.

29. Hetbir

Love of the brave

Hetbir is a traditional boy who is realistic and also inspires others. He loves to accept challenges and accomplish them. He is adventurous and likes gaining new experiences and meeting new people.

30. Easharbir

Brave and Godly person

Easharbir is an expressive boy who can accomplish his goals in life. He is a sweet-natured boy who is creative, humble, forgiving, and accepting. He loves to work for the world.

31. Gurswaroop

Portrait of Guru

Gurswaroop is a gem. He is a sophisticated and idealistic analyzer. He is always admired for his sense of beauty and exquisite sense of taste. He is intelligent and possesses great analytical ability.

This brings us to the end of our list of the best Sikh baby boy names 2023. Choosing the top ones was not easy, but we tried our best to present to you the best among the lot. They are highly meaningful and will certainly suit your Sikh boy. Do let us know which one did you like the best from our best Sikh baby boy names 2023.

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