There is a lot in the name; we are identified by our name and it is with us for a lifetime. It becomes tricky to choose the name for the baby that would complement him as an adult. We are here to ease the trick with Tamil king names for baby boy in Tamil. A unique name that is easy to understand, good to pronounce, and has deep meaning.

Tamil is an ancient Dravidian language and Tamil names define qualities we expect in a boy as a good human such as bravery, chivalry, compassion, vision, and bonding. The Tamil king names for baby boy in Tamil define the attributes for a boy as a powerful adult. Ancient kings were named after the virtues they stand by and nowadays boys are named after them to inherit the qualities of the kings.

One peculiar characteristic of Tamil king names for baby boy in Tamil is that they are not defined with Gods rather named on honorable and noble personalities. This is done to show gratitude towards the work of these elder and noble people.

Tamil King Names for Baby Boy in Tamil

Naming a baby is a sacred process and as a parent, we try to provide the best possible name. So, choose from 31 Tamil king names for baby boy in Tamil.

1. Purvith

Purvith means - Earth; The king of the world; To arise from east

Boy named Purvith has faith in his own decisions and is powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm. Purvith has essence of creativity and philosophical thoughts. He loves to gain education and learn skills. The boy will live a well-planned life and are much reliable. He has good interactive skills.

2. Murali

Murali means - King of earth; Flute

Boy named Murali is smart and successful. He stays calm and do not like to rush. With the strong sense of analyzing situations, things, and people, he thinks ahead and plan well. He works for others and is good in sports and education. A visionary boy with good creative skills.

3. Nishal

Nishal means - King; No end; Another name of lord Shiva

Boy named Nishal loves to serve and this gives him identification among others. This name impacts positivity on his personality. He is good natured and a bright student. The boy is energetic with brimming energy and can easily do multitasking. He is unbiased, balanced, and is keen to learn new skills.

4. Rehaan

Rehaan means - Star; Destroyer of enemies; King

Rehaan has quality to take things at ease and never drift from goals. Boy named Rehaan has capability to lead and encourage other people to make the best of lives. He is much innovative and has no false commitments. Splendid capacity for public relation is inherent in his character.

5. Tanvik

Tanvik means - King

The name has a strong character of faithfulness and dedicated to work. Boy named Tanvik is creative, constructive, and may has prophetic powers. He has power to control people around though he is peace loving otherwise. He is charitable and generous in nature.

6. Udayan

Udayan means - King of Avanti; Rising, Hope

Boy named Udayan has good conversational skills and rises up from any negativity. He works hard and is highly optimistic and balanced. The boy is full of confidence, independent and has leadership attributes. He is curious and motivates others. Udayan has traits of adventures and imagination.

7. Kiyan

Kiyan means - King; Essence; Existence; Royal

Kiyan is a leader, independent boy whose basic trait is to lead. Boy named Kiyan is creative, determined, generous, and courageous. He loves to initiate, innovate and think out of the box. Boy has a balanced, loving life. He makes decision based on his inner strength and compassion. Kiyan is also ambitious and has a strong will.

8. Cheran

Cheran means - Tree; Shrub; King of country

Boy with name Cheran has huge inner strength and is full of talents. He is positive and capable of decision making. Cheran has sparkling, flourishing life and enough fortunate to set the things passionately on his own. Honesty, trustworthy, affectionate, and cooperation are added traits of this name.

9. Bhaumik

Bhaumik means - King of Earth; Land owner; Earthly

Bhaumik is intelligent and imaginative. Boy named Bhaumik is charming, kind-hearted and generous to help people in distress. The selfless and trustworthy nature, help him influence people. With spiritual and liberating mind, he has good writing skills too.

10. Hiresh

Hiresh means - King of gems; Precious stone

Hiresh has artistry qualities and is self-sufficient boy. Boy named Hiresh is boundless with intuitional power. He is bit emotional and family-oriented boy. Curious, learning skills and professionalism are basic attributes of Hiresh.

11. Lokesh

Lokesh means - King of World; Another name for Lord Bhrama;

Boy named Lokesh can lead the life with simplicity. He has Good moral thoughts and strong feelings for the country. Studious and attentive, he is good in studies and has remarkable career. Reliable, honest, caring, creative are natural characteristics of boy with Lokesh name.

12. Mourya

Mourya means - King; Emperor

Boy with name Mourya has great self-confidence and achieves high success. He is disciplined and work oriented. He plans everything well in advance. Mourya is disciplined, honest, ambitious, and practical boy. Being extrovert and cooperative are added traits of the boy with name Mourya.

13. Bhuvith

Bhuvith means - King of land

The name of Bhuvith reflects success, tolerance, and love for others. Boy with the name Bhuvith strongly believes in humanity, and is always loved by the people around. Being expressive and friendly are basic characteristics of this name.

14. Perumaan

Perumaan means - Wonderful king

Perumaan has power of philosophical thoughts and has strong faith in own decisions. He has true potential to become a political person. Boy named Perumaan has high interest in academics and gains the name, fame through his creative works. He has good inter personal skills and has an exceptional quality to face the challenges.

15. Sailesh

Sailesh means - King of mountains

Boy named Sailesh has a tendency to do the things well-organized. He has good imagination power and high faith in spirituality. He is extrovert and shares the joy with people around. Sailesh represents ambition and has a concentrated goal and tries to achieve it with full potential. Abundance of friends makes him more cheerful.

16. Trishan

Trishan means - King of Surya dynasty; Victory

Logical thinking, faithfulness are basic attributes of boy named Trishan. He has love for nature and peaceful, serene environment. The boy is introspective, wise, and analytical. He has characteristic of being intuitive and versatile. Teaching could be his favorite art.

17. Veeresh

Veeresh means - Brave; King of warriors; Another name of Lord Shiva

Veeresh is the one who initiates new ideas and is creative with good imagination skills. He is an independent and ambitious boy. Veeresh has methodological approach to life and works with energy, patience and tenacity. He has capacity of nourishment and has rapid growth in career.

18. Kovendan

Kovendan means - King; Confident

Boy named Kovendan has voracious knowledge and is extremely talented and hard working. He is benevolent and philanthropic with good communication skills. Rich, prospective, helpful, boundless are significant characteristics of Kovendan.

19. Vedhanth

Vedhanth means - Knower of Vedas; king of all; Ultimate wisdom; Self-realization

Doing some welfare for humanity is a basic trait of boy named Vedhanth. Passionate, encouraging, adaptive are the added traits of boy named Vedanth. He is humble, knowledgeable, and friendly to all acquaintances. The boy has saintly qualities and high values. He is a treasure for family and friends.

20. Jayaraj

Jayaraj means - King of victory; Brilliant

Jayaraj is smart, energetic and confident. He is a boy with logic and reality. Jayaraj has perfect faculty to judge people with reason and has power to counsel people. He has a knack for business and is careful while selecting associates. Full of knowledge but a bit emotional boy.

21. Daksith

Daksith means - King of the world; Another name for Lord Shiva

Daksith reflects love of philanthropy. Boy named Daksith believes in humanity and is loved by people around. Intelligent, fun-loving, brainy are significant attributes of the name. He loves to seek an adventurous life and craves for new skills.

22. Avish

Avish means - King; Ocean; Incarnation

Boy named Avish has great intuition and imaginative powers and is a born leader. He is creative, innovative and charming. Avish has a caring and kind-hearted nature. He has characteristic of being visionary, curious, and open-minded. The boy is versatile and quick in action.

23. Cyril

Cyril means - King; Master; Lordly

Deep thinking, caring, logical, and calm are the significant traits of Cyril named boy. He is well-organized and patient with no arrogance. The boy is highly intelligent and has harmonious disposition. He would prefer to settle a dispute, love all people around rather than war.

24. Nripa

Nripa means - King; Love

Boy with the name Nripa is hard-working and thinks out of the box. He has the ability to make quick decisions and analyze the situation in well-organized way. Nripa is intellectual, yearning, bold, and goal-oriented boy. He is blessed with amazing management skills.

25. Maniv

Maniv means - Proud King

Maniv is creative and quick thinker. He is energetic, hard working and friendly boy. Maniv is a born leader and works in systematic way. He has enough maturity and stability as per his age. Adventurous, spiritual, visionary are significant traits of this name.

26. Yogen

Yogen means - King of yuga

Yogen is wise, helpful and justice loving boy. He is energetic and fun-loving. Boy named Yogen is active, honest and action-oriented. He has strong personality and is sociable. His creative and artistic nature makes him win attention of people around.

27. Iravan

Iravan means - King of ocean; Ruler; Son of Arjuna

Peace loving, persuasive and highly artistic are the basic traits of Iravan. Boy named Iravan is soft-hearted and works in harmony with others. He is intelligent and innovative with ideas. The boy is adaptable, tactful, independent and diplomatic. He loves to be with family and friends.

28. Athiyaman

Athiyaman means - Ancient king;

Boy named Athiyaman is bold and realistic. He has leadership qualities and loves authority and power. Intellectual and determined, Athiyaman analyzes situations well and can lead good business. He is trustworthy, compassionate, and tenacious

29. Viraj

Viraj means - Majesty; king; Ruler; Brilliant; Resplendent

Viraj is empathetic and charismatic boy. He is good at multi-tasking and youthful in thought. Viraj feels things deeply and is kind-hearted. He is responsible for his deeds and protective in nature. Sincerity, generosity, balance are traits of the name Viraj.

30. Basil

Basil means - Imperial; Royal; king; Brave

Basil is philosophical and analytical boy with a good talent of public speaking. He is sensitive and spiritual. Boy named basil is independent, studious, fearless and practical. The name reflects the desire and urge to seek the truth and analyze the situation.

31. Prajith

Prajith means - King; Conqueror

Strong willed, progressive, and practical are characteristics of Prajith named boy. He is full of energy, daring and optimistic. Prajith is an action-oriented leader and is independent and ambitious. He is enterprising and innovative too.

Naming the little angel is a thoughtful and insightful interaction process. Serenade the name loud and comprehend the significance; what all we need in the baby boy to be a grown-up adult? Follow the traits and be classy. The list above of Tamil king names for baby boy in Tamil will certainly assist to pick a name for the one who is going to set the rules in a different mode.

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