In the Indian apparel market, the kidswear segment is one of the most rapidly developing segments. The purchase of children's clothing is no longer limited to religious festivals or special occasions such as birthdays but has become more common. With increased exposure to global fashion trends and the entry of foreign businesses into the country, the country's vast middle class has begun to spend more on their children. Many new players are joining the market, and current players are expanding their portfolios by offering sustainable categories, gender-neutral clothing, and other innovations.

Here are the top 10 Indian children's clothing brands to consider for your child's wardrobe.

Top 10 Kidswear Brands in India

The top 10 kidswear brands in India 2023 that you should consider for your children are listed below.

1. Little Kangaroos

Romano Apparels Pvt. Ltd- Little Kangaroos was founded in 1976 and has since evolved to become India's most popular baby clothing brand.

Little Kangaroos

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It has established itself as one of India’s leading brand collections through its color, design, and quality. Every season, Little Kangaroos provides over 400 patterns, all of which feature bold colors, fashionable prints, inventive designs, spectacular stitching, and modern textile treatments. The brand is aimed at a young, fashion-conscious mother who likes to outfit herself and her children in the newest styles and offers high-fashion, vivid, and inexpensive clothes. From Ukraine to S.Africa and from Dubai to Australia, Little Kangaroos has been renowned

2. Cucumber

Cucumber is Eastern India's top best brand for kidswear in India, producing soft, handcrafted baby outfits for infants and children up to the age of five. Cucumber uses textiles that are as pure as they can be, just like a mother's love for her child. Apart from the fact that every piece of Cucumber apparel is created entirely of 100% cotton spun from high-quality yarn, the workers who make these garments are mainly mothers. To maintain its position as India's leading infant clothes brand, the company places a premium on using only the safest and softest fabrics to manufacture children's clothing.

3. Lilliput

Lilliput Kidswear is a well-known international brand in the children's clothing market. Lilliput is a leading Indian kid wear manufacturer and retailer that were founded in 1990 with the goal of producing world-class children's clothing. A brand that offers a wide range of fashionable selections is a great spot to look for the greatest baby apparel, including industrious bodysuits. The brand makes baby wear alternatives out of 100% organic cotton in a variety of adorable patterns.

In addition to apparel, Lilliput has created a line of swanky and comfortable shoes for kids, as well as a line of innerwear, nightwear, and accessories.

4. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a brand that was launched in 2011 with the mission of turning every moment of your child's life into a stunning #HopscotchMoment. The firm works hard to provide fashionable head-to-toe outfits for every child, for every occasion, and for every stage of childhood. Hopscotch is now one of the country's most well-known fashion labels. There are also wonderful collections for your house and kitchen. The brand handpicks the best styles and goods for you and your children, from garments to shoes and other treats.

5. Pinkcow Fashion

Pratima Anand's Pinkcow fashion line is one of the most well-known children's clothing brands. They feature a big selection of things in a variety of categories, especially for girls. Their kids' clothes are of high quality, and they're known for their casual wear for boys, girls, and toddlers. You may get your baby's outfits at a cheap price because there are so many options to choose from. Unique designs in ruffles, different patterns in dresses, handcrafted applique, and amazing looks are what Pinkcow fashion offers. This children's apparel brand is also offering you excellent savings and discounts.

Pinkcow Fashion

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6. Nino Bambino

Nino Bambino is a young and reliable brand that aspires to create cool, useful, sustainable, and yet cheap apparel and accessories for babies aged 3 years and up. The company builds organic baby apparel that suits your baby's sensitive skin, keeping in mind the latest trends and prioritizing baby's health.

Nino Bambino

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The brand offers a wide choice of organic baby apparel for boys, girls, and unisex, ranging from bodysuits and rompers to tees, slacks, and skirts.

The business runs through an easy-to-navigate web platform that details all of the attractive, comfy, and cost-effective products offered.

7. Nee & Oink

Nee & oink is a carefully designed lifestyle shopping destination for your unique little ones if you're seeking for the greatest wholesale baby apparel solution. Neelakshi and Oiendrila Ray are the 2 sisters who laid the foundation of this brand. The designs are fashionable, captivating, and quite comfy. This store specializes in designer children's clothing and was awarded "best designer wear" by Kidsstoppress. They have a diverse palette and don't stick to the typical bright colors associated with children's apparel. They use natural colors and organic textiles that are safe for youngsters. Everything from trendy fusion dresses to ethnic festive clothing is available for children.

Nee & Oink

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8. Nauti Nati

Nauti Nati is one of the most promising children's apparel manufacturers in India, dedicated to creating the best baby outfits possible using sustainable materials. The brand has an extensive collection of casuals as well as part-wear dresses for children. They have created some unique patterns, and textures with a massive assortment of colors. The fabric used in their product is very child-friendly.

Nauti Nati

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9. UCB Kid

UCB Kids is an Indian infant clothes brand that has changed the way children's clothing is perceived in India. They offer clothing in sizes ranging from infancy to ten years for both boys and girls. The vibrant designs and unique collection makes this brand stands out and captures the essence of childhood. From casuals to formals and from winter to summer, the collection of apparel is available for both boys and girls along with accessories.

10. The Plush Club

The Plush Club is a Singapore and Indian brand that uses fabulously soft fabrics and creative and practical designs to treat your baby's delicate skin. Bamboo fabric is used to produce baby clothing. The Plush Club has innerwear, bodysuits, sleepsuits, swaddled, casual wear, and dressy apparel for babies.

The Plush Club

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The Plush Club strives to rethink baby essentials while keeping a high degree of design and comfort. Furthermore, this firm does not skimp on price, providing you with amazingly low-cost clothing at great discounts so that everybody may purchase them.

Tips for Shopping for Your Baby's Clothes

Here are some helpful hints for shopping for clothes for your newborn baby from best brand for kidswear in India:

  1. Choose a Style That Is Simple to Put On: Clothes that do not require to be worn over the head are good to go for the babies as the head over wearing could create anxiety for the kids. Large necklines or dresses with front openings with snaps or zippers are a good choice for small babies.
  2. Maintain a Straightforward Approach: Excessive use of accessories not only looks odd but can create rashes on the tender skin of the baby. The ribbons, and buttons, if excessively used, may irritate the child. Remember to cut off the tags too.
  3. Shop for the Right Quantity: Babies grow too quickly, hence filling up the wardrobes with excessive clothing is not a good idea. As the child will grow these clothes might not suit him. Store as much as required in adequate capacity and are essential for the baby.
  4. Size: Get the baby the right size of the dress as this would not only suit the baby but would be equally comfortable to wear. Avoid fitted clothes or extra-large clothes for the babies. Buy less but buy best.

Final Words

These brands have gained success with the products that they manufacture. Be it colors, patterns, or textures, these brands offer something or the other at their best. The comfort of the apparels of these top kidswear brands in India is the utmost thing needed by a child.

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