Around the town with the baby! Wish to give a round to the kid and take the little one out for a drive? Why not; it would be cheerful. But stay cautious and take complete precautions. Drive slow, safe, and follow our top tips for child safety while driving. These would preclude any possibility of any sort of anxiety while going out with the child.

These days when parents are usually on rush toes, sometimes taking the baby along is the only option. Curiosity, apprehension, restlessness takes the place as to how to manage the baby during the drive. As the invention and technology take a stride, there are many safety options we can opt for to keep the child and us safe while we are driving alone or even if there are other adults present.

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12 Top Tips for Child Safety While Driving

Practice some pro tips and be smart to take the baby out for a drive. Read ahead, follow and enjoy the town vibes.

1. Begin from Basic

Buckle up the baby with a proper harness or seat belt before beginning to drive. Remember to keep the buckle till the destination arrives. However, slow the speed of the car is, still it is always good to be on the safer side, and so buckling is the most basic tip, to begin with. Check the seat belts or harness to be absolutely fine.

2. Fasten the belts separately

If there are two different belts for laps and shoulders, make sure both are tied properly to ensure safety. Moreover, two kids mean two different seats, two different belts. Do not fasten the same belt across the two kids.

3. Speed limit

We can all be good drivers and know how to cross properly. But the other person might not be the same. Follow all traffic rules and no need to haste. With the baby on the board, we need to be extra careful, hence drive slowly. It is better to be slow and safe. Stay sober and stay aware!

4. Control the windows

In modern day’s cars, there are ample facilities available with the driver to control the windows push and car locks right from the seat itself. Always keep those checked and controlled. Never in the least, allow the child (even the older ones) to take over that control. Putting hands or heads out could be dangerous. So make sure the controls are within the reach of parents or guardians. Another important tip to follow is to keep the child lock on always. This way, the kids won’t be able to open the doors from inside on their own.

5. Avoid distractions

Attending phone calls, text messages, or at times, listening to radios or playing music can be the main causes of distractions. And, we all know what distractions are up to, just be cautious of everything like this. Kids are smarter than us. Once they know the parent is occupied they might demand unusual things at the same time. And, while driving- these things are a big NO! Do not take off the eyes from the roads. If anything important crops up, stop on the side and attend that first and drive again.

6. Keep the car clean

This sounds easy or at least botheration, but no; it is one of the top tips for child safety while driving. A clean car has fewer distractions for both kids and us. Loose items spread over the car carpet or some food leftovers stick over the dashboard - the child will always keep pointing to those things and will keep bothering. Moreover, the debris or any such thing might cause problems while driving as well. So, make sure while setting out with the kid, keep the car clean and tidy. A clean car - a fresh feel!

7. Discipline is a must

Ensure the proper discipline in the car not only for kids but for adults too. Remember, kids follow us. Do not pamper the child in the car and allow them to sit on laps while driving. Many kids, these days, know how to change stations and touch the car stereo to set their favourite tracks; prohibit this. Never in the least allow the child to touch the steering wheel. No jumping or rolling in the car!

8. Back is better

Try to make the kids sit on the back seat. It is better and safer. Fasten the back belts and let them relax. On the back seat, they would not be able to go for distractions for driving and stereo touching.

9. Child seat

It is just not one top tip for child safety while driving but a necessary add-on too. These days, there are car seats that can provide spine relaxation for child and also keep safe in case there is any head fall. Test the baby car seat before setting it in the car. Harness it tightly enough and try to pinch it between thumb and forefinger.

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10. Never ever leave the child alone

Calling someone, meeting someone, whatever the matter is; never ever leave the child unattended or alone in the car. Take them along but do not leave them alone, it might suffocate them.

11. Avoid snacking

Yes, sounds a little silly, but it is important to note. Avoid giving the kids anything to eat or drink while driving. What if they spill over or maybe get choked? Never know about this, so let us avoid this. Stop the car and eat or feed and drive again.

12. Mitigate risks

Do some reading about the car. Use the car manual or search the internet. Modern cars have a description of child safety while driving. The hardware settings should be well understood like child lock, windows lock, doors locked, etc. Few cars also define the steps for car seat installation and the safest spot of the car for the baby and the kid.

Remember to stay safe while driving. One of the top tips for child safety while driving is to keep the parental protective instincts and pampering at bay. Just be sober, disciplined, well managed, and smart.

Look before you move, Look before you lock, Check before you begin!

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