“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. We all go by this saying even today as the benefits this “sweet red fruit” has for us are numerous. Similarly, it goes for babies as well. Apple is one of the first foods that are offered to babies when they are started on semi-solids. It is loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals and dietary fiber that helps regulate bowel movement. Apple is also easily digestible, good for dental health, and is unlikely to cause any types of allergies in babies. However, apple puree for babies should be prepared the right way to ensure all its natural benefits remain intact and it does not cause constipation. This article deals with the step by step instructions to prepare the simplest and most nutritious apple puree recipe for babies. It is prepared most hygienically and can be customized as per your choice of ingredients.

When to Start Apple Puree for Babies?

Apple puree for babies can be started as soon as they turn 6 months of age. It is one of the most preferred first foods for babies owing to its natural sweetness and health benefits. However, don’t forget to follow the 3-day rule and serve this recipe consistently for 3 days to ensure that there is no food intolerance. Start with 1 tablespoon on the first day, make it 2 tablespoons on the second day, and 3 tablespoons on the third day if the baby shows no signs and symptoms of any kind of food allergies.

How to Prepare Apple Puree Recipe for Babies

A tasty and healthy apple puree recipe is just a matter of few minutes to prepare. All you need to do is to follow some simple steps to prepare it for your baby’s breakfast or an afternoon snack. So, let’s get to this simple and innovative apple puree recipe right away!


1 medium Apple
¼ cup water for cooking


Sterilize all the utensils and spoons to be used for preparing the puree and feeding it to the baby by boiling them in hot water for at least 5 minutes.


1. Wash the whole apple in running water and peel it using a peeler. Remove the seeds and chop the apple into small cubes.

Ways to Serve Apple Puree step 1
Ways to Serve Apple Puree Step 2

2. Transfer the chopped apple cubes to a small-sized steel container that can fit well in your pressure cooker. Make sure that its lid is tight enough so the puree does not come out while cooking.

3. Pour ¼ cup water in the pressure cooker, keep the container inside, and pressure cook.

Ways to Serve Apple Puree Step 3
Ways to Serve Apple Puree Step 4

4. After one whistle, allow cooking on low flame for about 10-15 minutes. Timing depends on the variety of apples used.

5. After 15 minutes, switch off the gas flame and let the pressure reduce on its own.

6. Once cooled down, open the container and mash the apple with a spoon or fork or blend it in a blender.

7. Transfer the mashed/blended apple to a sterilized feeding bowl and serve warm. If you want the consistency to be a little bit thin, add a tablespoon of formula milk or breast milk to the puree.

Ways to Serve Apple Puree Step 6

*Ingredients Notes

  • Milk/Water: Never add water to this puree. Instead, use 1-2 tbsp of breast milk or formula to thin the consistency.
  • Healthy add-ins: For older babies, 1-2 soaked and peeled almonds and walnuts can be blended along with the steamed apple for added vitamins and minerals.
  • Flavor: Use spices like ground cinnamon for a warm flavor.
  • Sweetener: Use a tsp of date puree for extra taste and sweetness which will also increase the fiber content of this puree. Avoid sugar or other artificial sweeteners.

Alternative Methods

This recipe can also be prepared in other ways, though the listed method is the preferred choice of the NewMumTeam.

  • Pressure cook the apple cubes with ¼ cup water for 4-5 whistles. When steam releases, mash/blend to get the desired texture,
  • You can also steam the chopped apple cubes in a steamer for 5 minutes and use them,
  • Or cook the apple cubes in a thick bottomed pan with water until they become soft.

How to Store?

Babies should always be given fresh food. But, if you have an extra quantity left, you can refrigerate the puree in an airtight container. Sterilize the container before storing it to eliminate any contamination. Consume the puree within 3 days and slightly warm it before serving it to the baby.

However, if you need to store the puree for a longer duration, it is always better to freeze it and warm it on the stove before feeding it to the baby. You can freeze this puree in ice cube trays. Once completely frozen, pop the cubes out, put them in a freezer bag/container and store them back in the freezer again.

Ways to Serve Apple Puree

Apples can be served to 8 months+ babies as finger foods. Peel and thinly slice them and you are good to go! You can also serve this apple puree/sauce by lightly mashing it with a spoon or in a variety of other ways too. Some suggestions include -

1. Add to the Porridge

You can add 2-3 tablespoons of this apple puree recipe to porridges that you prepare, sooji kheer, or rice kheer for that extra deliciousness.

2. Topping for pancakes

Just top the pancakes with this apple sauce/puree and double up the taste and nutritional value!

3. Whole Wheat Waffles

Nothing can make more scrumptious waffles than apple sauce and if it’s whole wheat, no competitor for that!

4. In Smoothies

You can add this puree to the smoothies that you prepare for your toddler in addition to any other fruit/vegetable of your choice. Add in some nuts and turn it into a wholesome meal!

5. As a Cake Ingredient

Bake those delicious applesauce cakes or muffins and surprise your little toddler! It serves as the perfect replacement for eggs in baking recipes.

6. Cinnamon Applesauce Pancakes

Who doesn’t like pancakes? And when you make them with apple sauce, they will simple outshine any other dessert in terms of both taste and health!

7. Spread on a Toast

Just top it on a slice of bread, add in some nut butter and let your little one dive into it. This makes a complete meal that has both taste and nutrition.

8. Make Apple Yogurt

Mix it into yogurt for natural sweetness and divine taste and give your munchkin this healthy fruity yogurt.

Steamed and pureed apples are the best first foods for the baby. When served right, these offer numerous benefits on a baby’s health. This apple puree recipe is a versatile food that is not only meant for babies but toddlers as well. So, innovate your recipe out of it and add some extra health to your baby’s food.

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