Your name is your personality. It has a direct influence on your behavior. And this time, the NewMumLife team is here for you with the top 21 baby girl names starting with A in Sanskrit and what influence they might have on your girl’s personality.

Letter ‘A’ has always been a preferred choice for parents while naming their young ones. And why not? The start of the name with this letter makes the person powerful and the one who loves to take charge. ‘A’ is analogous to No. 1, and that’s why these people are always first.

Girls named with the letter 'A' love to be their boss. They make their rules and are free thinkers. They are activity-oriented, bold, confident, and whatnot! This girl is strong, independent, and courageous, and can work in any profession independently.

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Baby Girl Names Starting with A in Sanskrit

Here are the top Baby girl names starting with A in Sanskrit based on uniqueness, meaning, their influence on a person’s life, and modernity.

1. Aaritra

Aaritra means – Navigator

Aaritra is honest with a clear vision and heart. She is creative in her ways. She is emotional yet has immense inner strength. This girl can gain mastery over anything and never fails in life. She is a lover of nature, free-minded, and with a rigid determination. Aaritra loves to subordinate others and has got great communication skills. She can win hearts in no minutes. In short, she is a born leader.

2. Asmi

Asmi means - Rock born; Hard and strong; I am; Nature; Pride; Self-respect

Asmi, like her name, is independent and an achiever. She has a big heart, is kind-hearted, and always a helper. This girl has a deep connection with spirituality and has a philanthropic nature. She is compassionate, sympathetic, and highly affectionate. Asmi is a great communicator, brave, and has towering confidence. She achieves great heights of success in her life. she is a great friend too, easily gels with new people and loves to gain new experiences.

3. Amaya

Amaya means – Night rain

Amaya can control any situation. She is fearless and can make anyone follow her words. She is affectionate, innocent, and emotional. She has got strong communication skills and is very passionate about her work. Amaya is creative with a promising nature. Her good deeds and pleasing personality is liked by everyone. No matter what, she will always get to her goals.

4. Anushna

Anushna means - Blue lotus

She is a girl with free thoughts, she loves to travel, explore life, and meet new people. She is quick to make friends, is enthusiastic, and extremely progressive. Anushna enjoys everything life gives her. She can easily attract anyone to her with her smiling nature. She is creative and loves every form of artistic work. Anushna is proud of her personality and has towering confidence.

5. Ayana

Ayana means - Good fortune

Ayana is steady and balanced in her life. She is creative, artistic, and always strives to accomplish her goals in her life. This girl loves to enjoy her life to the fullest. She is a happy person who is liked by all. Ayana is an entertainer and great at expressing her feelings or keeping her opinions. She knows how to strike an emotional and mental balance.

6. Amodini

Amodini means – Fragrant

This girl is a mystery and is unexplainable. She is brilliant and shines like a star. She can bring any idea to life, is noble, and has her shoes in many activities. Amodini is a highly charged personality, gentle, intuitive, and a great elaborator. She is an analyzer who is always into studying things in depth.

7. Aadhya

Aadhya means - First power; Goddess Durga; Unequalled; Perfect; The Earth; Another ornament

This girl has no boundaries, she flourishes, she grows. With an easy-going nature, she knows how to enjoy life. She is always ahead of her time. Aadhya is intelligent, emotional, yet very strong. This girl is an authority and respected by all. All she wants is to enjoy life to the fullest as it comes to her.

8. Aabheri

Aabheri means - A raga in Indian music

Aabheri is a sparkling girl. She is realistic and possesses fortune. She is well described by power and steadiness. She knows how to balance her life. This girl is born to rule and is a dignified personality. She is self-sufficient and with an intuitive nature. Aabheri is independent, ambitious, free thinker, and a girl with strong leadership qualities.

Isn’t it one of the best baby girl names starting with A in Sanskrit?

9. Aadrika

Aadrika means - Mountain; Hill; An Apsara or celestial nymph

Aadrika is harmonious and a friend who is trustworthy and can be relied upon. She is generous and humanitarian. She loves to work for people and making the world a better place to live in. Her appearance is always elegant and stylish. This girl is a creative thinker and has a love for different forms of art.

10. Aradhita

Aradhita means – Worshipped

Aradhita is a cheerful girl who also knows her mind well. She is always hopeful and encouraging. She has ideas that she can turn into life. Aradhita is a traditional girl who loves to enjoy life and have a good time. And hence, she is liked by all. This girl is charismatic, inspires people, talkative, and a born influencer.

11. Aashritha

Aashritha means - Somebody who gives shelter; Goddess Lakshmi

Aashritha is admired by all. She is successful in whatever she does. This girl can easily be relied upon and makes a trustworthy friend. She has a passion for life. She is thoughtful, caring, and harmonious. This girl can turn out to be the foundation stone for society. She is disciplined, stable, practical, and hard-working.

12. Aashvi

Aashvi means - Blessed and victorious; Little Mare

Aashvi has a very impressive and humble nature. She is a born spiritual idealist and loves to live in peace and spread happiness around. She has a quest for enlightenment. This girl is family-oriented and a great protector. Aashvi is always counted upon by others and is a good provider. She is trustworthy and always true to her goals.

13. Aayati

Aayati means - Majesty; Dignity; Royal

Aayati is youthful and cheerful. She is a bubbly girl with a pleasing personality. This girl will always have a tender and loving nature. She can convince anyone with her cheerful smile. She is creative and a great writer. She is artistic and can explain even complex concepts with ease. Royalty in this name makes it one of the best baby girl names starting with A in Sanskrit.

14. Adwita

Adwita means - Union of matter and soul; Non-duality; Unique

Adwita is an intelligent and bright girl who always thinks of the future. She is respected by all and a good decision-maker. Being authoritative and commanding is in her nature and everyone would listen to her commands too. She is attentive and with a gentle and sensitive nature. Adwita always listens to others' problems patiently and helps generates solutions.

15. Agrima

Agrima means – Leadership

Agrima, like her name, will always be a leader in whatever she does. She has that spark in her that makes her achieve anything in life. She can impress anyone with her qualities and traits. She is confident and affirmative. Agrima always takes her action carefully. She is stable, disciplined, reliable, and a practical girl.

16. Anadya

Anadya means - Existing for eternity; Lord Krishna; Eternal; Godly

Anadya is a girl full of surprises. She is always willing to work hard and loves to explore new places or things. She always helps develop something new and prepares the way that others can follow. Anadya loves to venture into the unknown and find her way out. She is highly focused and a born achiever. She is mysterious, independent, and a respectable personality.

17. Arhana

Arhana means – Revered

Arhana is a genuine and noble girl. This name stimulates her logical reasoning capability. She is intelligent, graceful, and intuitive. Arhana is always consistent in her efforts and has great internal powers. She leaves a long-lasting impact on anyone she meets. This girl can inspire anyone, is enthusiastic, and ambitious.

18. Ansika

Ansika means - Minute particle; Beautiful

Ansika is highly focused on her goals in life. She is peace-loving, helpful, harmonious, and spreads love. She is sensitive and is well aware of others' feelings and thoughts. This girl is strong and powerful. She loves originality and is confident in whatever she does. Ansika takes the charge and responsibility for whatever she does.

19. Anabhra

Anabhra means - Clear-headed

Anabhra is an orderly girl who brings happiness. She likes seeking challenges and fulfilling them. She is humanitarian and generous. Anabhra is a sympathetic girl with whom anyone can feel comfortable. She has also got a strong leadership potential. She is a great friend who is compassionate and lovable.

20. Aaryana

Aaryana means - Best Noble

Aaryana is a thinker. She is intuitive and intelligent. She always has a quest for truth. She loves living a structured life. Aaryana is a natural problem solver who is systematic in her ways. She loves stability and organization. She always does things in a planned way. This girl is lively and witty too and can attract anyone with her personality.

21. Amodini

Amodini means – Fragrant

Amodini has got an impressive list of qualities. She is cooperative and a highly charged personality. This girl desires knowledge and likes studying things in depth. She has that spark in herself that makes her achieve whatever she desires. She is a great researcher and always prefers scientific evidence. She is quiet, shy, and a trustworthy personality who is beautiful inside out.

Internet is flooded with names starting with the letter 'A'. It has always been a preferred choice while naming a newborn. NewMumLife team brings to you the top 21 baby girl names starting with A in Sanskrit that have been carefully selected based on their significance and uniqueness. We hope you like this list and our efforts to bring to you the same.

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