The letter ‘P’ signifies strength and vitality. Despite having many talents, the letter 'P' girls are intelligent, have well-defined goals in life, and never quit. Others perceive them as being wise and they are down-to-earth too. These girls can handle any problem and work well in any situation. She is truthful, intellectual, and knows how to live her life and make her decisions. Let’s get to know the most beautiful and iconic baby girl names starting with P in Sanskrit!

A name has a direct influence on our personality. Hence, we also mention how your baby girl’s name is going to reflect her character, in case you choose any from our suggested options. Lets’ get started!

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Baby Girl Names Starting with P in Sanskrit

With thorough internet research and surveys, we bring to you the top ones in the baby girl names starting with P in Sanskrit. Let us make your decision a bit simpler.

1. Pulakitha

Pulakitha means - Shivering with joy

Pulakitha is a girl who is filled with love and is always willing to help others. She can make anyone laugh and believes in humanity. This girl always encourages others, is an intelligent and fun-loving being. She is influential, spiritual, friendly, and creative. Pulakitha is expressive in her thoughts, has a pleasing personality, and is success-oriented.

2. Pakeshwari

Pakeshwari means - Always at a high position

Pakeshwari is a girl who is wise and always stands for justice no matter what. She is honest, energetic, fun-loving, and a free bird. This girl has knowledge and intellect that she uses to her benefit. Pakeshwari loves to live an independent life and is a real charmer. She is a goal-oriented person who always strives to achieve her dreams. Hence, Pakeshwari is definitely one of the best baby girl names starting with P in Sanskrit.

3. Panita

Panita means - Admired

Panita is the kind of girl who loves freedom. She is creative, versatile, and is a big seeker of knowledge and wisdom. She desires to learn new things and disseminate information. Panita is socializing and loves to make friends. She is compassionate, ambitious, and is a free thinker. This girl possesses the ability to assist and is intellectual.

4. Parnika

Parnika means - Small leaf, another name for Goddess Parvati

Parnika is graceful, intelligent, and a person with strong logical reasoning. She is an idea generator and has a charismatic personality. She is the one who can inspire and influence people. This girl learns quickly and yearns to broaden her knowledge and skills. Her common sense is praiseworthy and she leaves a great first impression wherever she goes.

5. Pashvi

Pashvi means - Murudevi Mata; Mother of Aiddnat Bhagwan

Pashvi is charming and expressive. She is optimistic in every situation and always inspires others with her traits. Her outgoing and friendly nature is her asset which makes her stand apart from the rest. She is great at explaining things and can make any complex task easier. She is a born leader and generates ideas. Pashvi is the boss girl who always wants to be in charge.

6. Pravina

Pravina means – Skillful

Pravina is a generous being who is humanitarian and helpful. She wants to work for the world. Her creativity and artistic nature will always work to promote a cause. She is elegant, stylish, and a sophisticated girl. Pravina is a spiritual idealist and believes in religion and philosophy. She always tries to avoid conflicts and spread harmony around. This girl always has a quest for enlightenment.

7. Pranetra

Pranetra means – Creator

Pranetra is an optimistic and outgoing personality. She is good at writing and fascinates others with her skills. She is a deep analyzer and studies her surroundings in depth. This girl is great at puzzle solving. She is quiet, shy, and intuitive. The best thing about Pranetra is her ability to convince others effortlessly.

8. Pradhi

Pradhi means - Great intelligence

Pradhi is a gifted storyteller. She is a leader, a problem solver. This girl is cooperative and gentle in her behavior. Pradhi is a personality full of energy and is loaded with powerful ideas. She believes in reality and can mesmerize anyone with her true nature. This girl is always well-dressed and gives an outstanding performance. She is bright and cheerful.

9. Pavika

Pavika means - Name of Lord Murugan; Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Education); Purifying; Fire

Pavika is always perceived as a family person. She is a quick learner and makes others feel secure with her judgment. Pavika always tries to broaden her knowledge and skills. She has great common sense and has a steady and balanced personality. She stands for others and is always willing to help and advise.

10. Praadha

Praadha means - Supreme; Prominent

Praadha is an altruist and agreeable. She is an honest, amenable, and radiant personality. This girl is a great manager and keeps everything organized. She is disciplined, hard-working, practical, and a reliable being. Praadha can turn any idea into a reality. In short, she can simply be termed as the foundation of society. She is dignified and self-sufficient. Don’t you think Praadha is amongst the best baby girl names starting with P in Sanskrit?

11. Pravara

Pravara means – Eminent

Pravara is a free personality who can handle any situation, however difficult it may be. She is inquisitive and is always working to satisfy her quest for knowledge. Pravara is an entertainer with a great mental and emotional balance. She is reserved and secretive, yet with the ability to express herself well. This girl is has a gentle and sensitive nature.

12. Pranithi

Pranithi means - Breath Life

Pranithi is freedom-loving and a free spirit. She is a multi-tasker who can handle any situation. This girl is a leader. She is creative and can generate ideas on the go. She is a boss and is always recognized for her efforts. Pranithi gives a wonderful first impression of herself. She is perceived to be a person who can easily be trusted upon.

13. Pramuditha

Pramuditha means – Joyous

Pramuditha can persuade anyone. She is outgoing, cheerful, and inspiring. This girl loves to travel and make new friends. She likes adding new experiences to her belt and can adapt to any situation. She is curious and has a sharp mind. Her innate desire is an adventure and she loves freedom.

14. Prasuna

Prasuna means – A beautiful flower

Prasuna is self-sufficient and impressive. She is an outstanding personality and knows how to do things. She is gentle and cooperative and can please anyone with her skills. She loves to learn new things and has a powerful presence. Prasuna is inspiring, intelligent, and with electric creativity. She is down-to-earth and is always consistent in life. She is trustworthy, sensitive, and very inspiring.

15. Pundarika

Pundarika means - The White Lotus

Pundarika can take sensible decisions and that too quickly, whatever the situation may be. She embraces change and is extremely curious. This girl is elegant and impressive in her deeds. She is perceived as a confident and noble person. She has the art to impress others and possesses great qualities. Pundarika loves visualizing things more broadly.

16. Pranaali

Pranaali means – System, organization

Pranaali is a philosophical girl who believes in her decisions. She is an energetic and enthusiastic person who has a quest for education. This girl gains recognition through her creative tasks and is admired for her artistic nature. She is her boss and is a great orator. Pranaali has the power of interaction, is trustworthy, and an extrovert.

17. Prabhrithi

Prabhrithi means - From destiny

Prabhrithi is a well-planned person with technical precision. She always has a methodical approach and is extremely patient. This girl has a clear vision in her life and is honest. She is determined in her actions and depicts qualities of courage. Prabhrithi has towering confidence which makes her unique and she enjoys subordinating others. She is a great friend too.

18. Pranidhaana

Pranidhaana means – Dedication

Pranidhaana has associated fame. She is an inventor and studious by nature. Pranidhaana can do wonders in her academic career. She is a silent girl who is free-minded and clear in her thoughts. This girl always wants stability in her life and can find joy and beauty in the simplest of things. She lives an ordered life, is reliable and trustworthy. Pranidhaana is a kind-hearted and homely person.

19. Payodhi

Payodhi means - Sea/Ocean

Payodhi is a responsible girl who is authoritative as well. She is ambitious, intelligent, and likes setting herself as an example to others. This girl has a tender heart and loves humanity. Payodhi has an investigative mind and is skillful in a variety of fields. She loves meeting people, sharing experiences, and extremely social. This girl is incredibly ambitious and intelligent too.

20. Pranmya

Pranmya means - Offering obeisance

Pranmya is a peace-loving girl who loves to live in harmony. She is youthful, stimulating, and an idea generator. This girl can solve any problem on the fly. She shows interest in spirituality and appreciates elegance. This name arouses logical reasoning and makes the girl intelligent and intuitive. Pranmya also appreciates elegance and loves to live amongst friends and society.

21. Phalguni

Phalguni means - The month of phalgun

Phalguni loves challenges. She wants a well-planned life and has got an inherent aesthetic sense. This girl is intelligent and career-oriented. She will be a master of her respective field and possesses good oratory skills. Phalguni is loyal, honest, curious, and progressive. She likes following schedules and lead an ordered life.

22. Prajna

Prajna means - Goddess Saraswati

The girl named Prajna will have a lot of positivity in her life. She has a liking for different forms of art. Prajna always shows respect to others and has excellent skills. She is an extrovert who is always looking out to make new connections and friends. She is polite and can adapt herself to any situation. Cooperation, balance, sensitiveness, and devotion are some of her best traits.

23. Payodhara

Payodhara means - Cloud

Payodhara has authority in her nature. She is always an example to others for her good deeds. This girl has an interest in literary works and is highly creative. Payodhara always strives to make her dreams come true. She is hard-working, intelligent, and confident. Her creative ideas will always help her achieve success in her professional life. She has a lot of positive energy in herself and knows how to channelize it.

This article lists down the most beautiful and unique baby girl names starting with P in Sanskrit after hours of research. Choosing only a few wasn’t easy but we hope we made your decision a bit simpler. Do let us know which one you like the most!

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