Finding the right name for your beautiful baby girl is certainly challenging. NewMumLife brings to you the stunning, unique, and modern baby girl names starting with S in Sanskrit of 2023.

It is also said that our names are always associated with our personality in addition to our character, our psychological adjustment, and the way we act. Thus, we also bring to you the personality traits of the mentioned names. The more insights you have into the influence of a name, the easier it will be for you to choose the best one for your tiny being.

Read on to know and understand the top 21 baby girl names starting with S in Sanskrit.

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Baby Girl Names Starting with S in Sanskrit

Here are our top baby girl names starting with S in Sanskrit that are traditional while being pretty and edgy.

1. Sriida

Sriida means - bestowing wealth and prosperity

Girls named Sriida are believed to be empathetic, good-looking, and with a charismatic behavior. They think out of the box and are creative by nature. Good in multitasking and time management, they are considered to be youthful in both their thoughts and deeds.

2. Swaranjani

Swaranjani means - name of a Raga

These girls are peace lovers, artistic, intelligent, and soft-hearted. They are loving, persuasive, and encourage harmony. Girls named Swaranjani usually come up with great and useful ideas and have an extremely beautiful appearance.

3. Sukrutha

Sukrutha means - pious

Sukrutha is a real charmer. She is knowledgeable, educated, aware of her surroundings, and thinks deeply. These girls are imaginative, creative, innovative, bold, goal-oriented, and free thinkers.

4. Sarniha

Sarniha means - desire

Sarniha is an analytical expert. She is philosophical and a fun-loving family person. A girl named Sarniha is spiritual and a very talented speaker. She knows her words well and can make a great impact on the audience.

5. Shambhavi

Shambhavi is another name for Goddess Parvati

The girl Shambhavi is loving and persuasive. She is a peace lover and a soft-hearted personality. This girl possesses artistic and creative traits, is intelligent, and an absolute charmer. She is thought to be sensitive, hard-working, and extremely intelligent.

6. Sejal

Sejal means - river water or pure flowing water

Sejal has depth in character. She is a great admirer of beauty. Girls named Sejal are believed to be friendly and usually have a lot of friends. She is an independent woman who loves to live her own life on her terms and conditions.

7. Srimita

Srimita means - a beautiful friend

Girls named Srimita are always determined and achieve their goals no matter what. This girl never runs away from challenges and giving up on anything is not her cup of tea. Srimita will always achieve whatever she has aimed for. You can never stop her!

8. Saesha

Saesha is another name for Goddess Durga

Saesha stands for the truth of life. She is a girl with desires and wishes to be fulfilled. She is imaginative, creative, bold, and a free thinker. She loves her life and lives it to her fullest. Saesha is always expressive and not one to hold within.

9. Shreeya

Shreeya is another name for Goddess Lakshmi; prosperity

Shreeya, like her name, is always "Pratham" in her deeds. She is as auspicious as her name. This girl has no limits. She can easily survive through any problem, is courageous, and is filled with optimism. She is talented and makes anyone around her comfortable with her presence and charm.

10. Saarya

Saarya is the name of a pious woman

Saarya loves freedom. She is goal-oriented and yearning. This girl feels things deeply and analyses the situations very well. She is helpful, soft-hearted, and extremely loving. Saarya and sincerity always go hand in hand.

11. Swadha

Swadha means - lovely, white, clearness; another name for Goddess Durga

Swadha is a divine approval of God. She, like her name, has a loving personality and is beautiful inside out. Girls named Swadha are always grounded and pragmatic. This girl always has a purpose in life that she tries to achieve.

12. Shryathi

Shryathi means - to reach

Shryathi, like her name, loves to live life in a fast lane. She is independent and likes making her own rules. She is inventive and loves creating things. This girl is kind-hearted with a caring and sensitive nature as well.

13. Shansita

Shansita means - to praise, desire, and celebrated

Shansita is a strong-willed personality. She has well-focused goals and always strives to achieve them. This girl is progressive, practical, resourceful, and daring. Shansita is a leader and highly optimistic in every situation.

14. Shreyashi

Shreyashi means - good; most beautiful one; to give credit to someone

Shreyashi is a great analyzer and achieves her decisions in the best way possible. She is hard-working with a mind to think out of the box. This girl can impress any crowd and is always different from the rest. She never jumps to conclusions but analyses the situations well.

15. Saira

Saira means - happy or beautiful

Saira is a free bird, a princess by her name. She is a traveler, a poetess. Saira is an honest personality. She is energetic and fun-loving. This girl always stands for truth and justice. She is helpful, caring, and wise.

16. Samhita

Samhita means - a Vedic composition; union

Samhita wants good for everyone. She is the union of depth, power, rules, beauty, and leadership. This girl is always determined to her goals. She can never leave them mid-way or run away from challenges. Samhita is healthy, creative, and loaded with boasts of energy.

17. Samiha

Samiha means - desire, wish

The girl Samiha is respectful, generous, and magnanimous. Her sincerity is the trait that always remains with her. She is kind, open-handed, generous, and is always helpful. This girl has got a charismatic personality and can attract anyone through her behavior. She is a great manager too.

18. Samprithi

Samprithi means - achievement, real love

Samprithi is a friendly person who is always popular among her friends. She is a quick thinker and can make the right decisions anytime on the go. This girl is creative and innovates with her knowledge and presence of mind. She is intellectual and thinks deeply before making her move.

19. Saanidhya

Saanidhya means - abode of God; under the guidance

Saanidhya is a dedicated lady who does things in an organized way. She is strong-willed and has great imaginative power. This girl will always have an attractive appearance, progressive thinking, and well-focused goals to achieve. She is resourceful, talented, daring, and a leader in all situations.

20. Sahira

Sahira means - mountain, a spring that flows constantly

Sahira is a powerful girl who can do the impossible. She is attractive and mesmerizes others with her presence. This girl has a quest for truth and is gentle in her actions. She is goal-oriented, bold, free thinker, and courageous. Sahira encourages harmony and spreads love through her words.

21. Sahasra

Sahasra means - a new beginning

This girl is always ahead of her time. She is bright, intelligent, determined, and achieves great things in her life. Sahasra is a master in whatever she does. She loves to live happily and keep others happy. This girl knows how to express herself and can easily put her opinions on top in front of anyone.

It was indeed difficult to shortlist only the top 21 baby girl names starting with S in Sanskrit. The NewMumLife team researched the names on different criteria including their uniqueness, meaning, and reflection of personality traits. We hope this article helps you to choose the right one for your beloved daughter.

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