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Expert Talk - Dr. Swapnanjali Avhad (Part 1)

Dr. Swapnanjali Avhad, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, and Fertility expert elaborates pre-conception planning and the process of conception-pregnancy-delivery.

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Expert Talk - Dr. Nilesh Jagdish Joshi

In this expert talk session, Dr. Nilesh Jagdish Joshi, MDS, Pediatric Dentist, answers parents' queries pertaining to dental care in kids.

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Meet the Real Mom - Medha

Medha, a working mom to 3 kids, explains her take on parenting girls versus boys and her how she manages her tight schedule.

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Meet the Real Mom - Aashita

Aashita, gives us some amazing ideas for enhancing kids’ creativity and how she involves her 2.5 years old son, Naksh, in all household activities.

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Meet the Real Mom - Venus

Venus, online tutor with WhiteHat Jr, shares on being a working mother and how she ensures that her daughter, Riyanshi, keeps rooted to the Indian culture.

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Meet the Real Mom - Pooja

Pooja, Associate Vice President in a reputed bank, discusses how she manages her tight working hours while raising her daughter, Hrithvi, so well.

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