Maternal health during pregnancy plays a vital role in foetal growth and the weight of the baby after birth. The diet has to be properly planned and carry all the necessary nutrients. During the pregnancy, supplements are also required to fulfill the needs of essential nutrients. We will talk about protein nutrients in this article. Why is protein powder given in pregnancy? Is protein powder good for pregnant ladies? Such kinds of questions are commonly asked and searched.

The nutritional status of a woman, before and during pregnancy helps to develop a foetus. Better nutrition means healthy gestational time and a perfect birth weight for the baby. Proper protein nourishment promotes gestational weight gain and better pregnancy outcomes.

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Importance of Protein

Protein is present in each and every cell of the body and helps to make up skin, hair, nails, and tissues. This nutrient is responsible to provide structure to cells. It helps them grow and repair as well.

And this nutrient plays an important role during pregnancy for both the mom and the developing baby in the womb. Let us understand why is protein powder given in pregnancy?

Why Is Protein Powder Given in Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the protein requirement increases significantly. During the pregnancy time, the protein requirements of a woman increase significantly. If you are pregnant, your proteins require will increase too, and you can fulfill those requirements from various food sources – both plant-based and animal-based sources.

For those females who eat non-vegetarian food, there is a variety of meals available and they can still opt for protein powder. But for those who are vegan, protein powder is an essential requirement. Protein powder is a good source of protein plus other vital nutrients. However, some of the additives in the powder, such as artificial sugars and preservatives, bring its safety to question, more so during pregnancy.

The protein content in supplements influences foetal growth and a balanced protein energy supplement produces higher foetal growth. Protein is one of the essential nutrients during the pregnancy time. It helps the baby grow normally. Protein contributes to the growth and repair of new and damaged tissues. It also builds hormones, enzymes, and builds antibodies for the immune system.

Apart from the building blocks, protein also helps muscles to function properly. Protein does another important part in the foetal growth and that is to transport oxygen through the blood.

Build a strong foundation for the child right from the foetus growth by in taking the right amount of protein supplement.

Variety and Quantity

As we talk about the proper intake of the protein, it is also important to fulfil the need for protein from various sources. Different protein sources provide different amino acids. Having a variety of protein sources in day-to-day lives during pregnancy will also provide a variety of necessary vitamins and minerals for pregnancy.

Various plant-based and animal-based food items like cheese, seeds, pulses, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, dairy are varied sources of protein. Apart from this moms-to-be should add on the protein supplement to get more protein, especially those who are totally vegan.

Many of the expecting mommies ponder if the protein powder is safe for the both mom and foetus health. Here is the detailed answer

Is Protein Powder Good for Pregnant Ladies?

Usually, people believe that protein powder is meant for the body builders or old people. But this isn’t right. A single scoop of protein powder gives 30 grams of protein approximately. Most supplement powders are made out of proteins such as whey, Casey, or soy. And if there is any kind of allergy to any of these proteins then go for the organic protein supplement powders. These are safe for consumption during pregnancy.

Still, once you have decided to go for a protein supplement consult the doctor before adding this to your daily diet. There are numerous protein powders available, some have ingredients more with sucrose or chemicals for bodybuilders and others are added with those especially required during pregnancy. Some supplement powders may suit one lady and may not be apt for the other.

What Protein Is Best for Pregnancy?

The protein powder supplements that are formulated especially for moms-to-be or the nursing mothers have added dietary fibers, essential vitamins, nutrients, probiotics, and amino acids, many of these protein powders also contain DHA and omega-3 fatty acids that maintain effective blood levels and also prevent the development of any abnormalities of spine or brain of the foetus.

Few of the protein powders are enriched with the goodness of other nutrients like iron, zinc, iodine. While you are set to order one or purchase from over-the-counter just remember to check the ingredients thoroughly. Low fat and sugar with zero transfats are added advantages contained in some of the well-known protein powder supplements.

Furthermore, for the ones who are vegan, some good brands have fortified the protein powder with vegan ingredients that provide micronutrients like selenium, protein, zinc that are required by moms and the baby. These can also be consumed by nursing mothers.

Nowadays, the protein powders are also added with extra flavours like vanilla, kesar, and chocolate. The pregnant ladies suffer from taste disorders and morning sickness; hence these flavours may set the balance in diet and taste as well.

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Take Away

A spoonful of protein powder can meet the daily protein needs needed for the development of the foetal. During pregnancy, a mom-to-be is eating for two so the protein powder is an added dietary nutrient but remembers it cannot be replaced by the meal or diet.

Too much of anything is also not good. So this kind of protein powder supplement should be consumed under the guidance of the gynaecologist or as prescribed by the doctor. An idea to keep a record maintained for the intake of the nutrients and the supplements would really help to maintain a balance of the diet.

Eat Healthily, Stay Healthy, and take special care during the gestational period.

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