Your baby is about to arrive and you must be prepared with all the essentials you would need for its best care. If your family is not in support of pre-shopping, then at least do get your shopping cart ready with all the essential items you will need. Here, the NewMumLife team brings to you a comprehensive newborn baby shopping list, especially for Indian moms.

A baby’s arrival brings a lot of happiness but fears as well in the minds of the new moms. "Whether I would be able to take care of my baby well?" is a common question running on the minds of new mommies. The initial six weeks of a baby’s life are crucial too. Sleepless nights, body changes, and fatigue add up to the worries. Fret not! If you are a new mom too, do check out our great baby care tips for first-time moms to make yourself confident about caring for your newborn.

  • In a hurry? Check out our top Editor’s picks for both the mother and the baby. These are NewMumLife Editors voted best baby products of 2021. Tried, tested, and carefully selected based on parents' reviews and ratings, these are the must-have items in the baby shopping list for first time moms.

Baby Shopping List for First Time Moms

You don't know when your baby is going to show her presence. It is always better to be well prepared and not to run for things last minute. Refer to this hospital bag list for delivery to ensure that you have all the items that you may ever need in the hospital.

What follows is the newborn baby shopping list for the best Indian-style baby care. Take a look.

Bathing, Grooming and Skincare Essentials for the Baby

Baby's skincare and wellness are extremely important for the best care. One should choose high-quality products with no added chemicals, fragrances, or preservatives in the baby shopping list for first time moms.

1. Massage Oil

Massaging the baby with good quality oil is a common tradition followed in Indian households. And why not? Massaging has proven benefits for a baby's development. In the article, massage oil for baby in India, we mention the best baby massage oils.

2. Baby Soap

It is generally recommended that you should bathe your baby from day 1 to maintain hygiene. This article gives you a detailed review of the best and most gentle baby soap for a newborn in India that is perfect for your little one’s skin.

3. Bath Tub

A baby bathtub makes the bath time playful while ensuring safety. Do check out the best baby bath tub in India and invest in this imperative item for your baby.

4. Nail Cutter

Clipping a baby’s nails is overwhelming. What to do? Choose a suitable baby nail clipper. Read here to know the best baby nail cutter in India to carry out this task like a pro!

5. Bath Towel

A bath towel is an everyday requirement. It should be made of super soft premium quality fabric and must be baby skin-friendly. This towel by Brandonn is lightweight and simply beautiful.

6. Baby Lotion/Cream/Powder/Perfume

A baby’s skin is sensitive and requires utmost care and pampering. Check here the best baby skincare products that are natural, mild, and perfect for a baby’s skin. The list is exhaustive and includes the products that you would ever need for your baby's skincare – lotions, shampoo, oils, soaps, baby powder, and baby perfume.

Sun Safety

The soft, sensitive skin of babies is more prone to sunburns and damage when they are out in sun. What you need to do is to protect their skin from UV rays and sunburn while they are outdoors. Thus, you should apply sunscreen to exposed body areas. Choose the best sunscreen for kids from here and leave no stone unturned to protect their tender skin while they are out.

Feeding Essentials

Feeding starts from day 1. Whether you are breastfeeding or a formula-feeding mother, you need to invest in the best feeding essentials that are chemical-free and ensure the best safety and hygiene.

Breastfeeding is the best method of feeding a newborn baby. However, a new mom may be overwhelmed with many responsibilities and may find it difficult to feed the baby time and again. And that's where bottle-feeding gets into the picture. Get all your doubts cleared about the breastfeeding vs bottle feeding aspect of parenting through our article.

1. Feeding Bottle

Choosing the best feeding bottle is extremely crucial. If you prefer glass feeding bottles, read our article to know the best glass feeding bottle for a baby in India and choose a quality product. For plastic bottles, we would always recommend Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottles.

2. Formula Milk

Do read our guide to breastfeeding vs formula feeding if you are having a difficult time choosing between the two. It is surely going to help you make the right decision. Also, know about the best formula milk in India for babies and all about formula feeding with your queries answered!

3. Breast Pump

A breast pump is a lactating mom's closest companion. But choosing the best is easier said than done. Here we have you covered with our guide to the best breast pumps for new moms. Also, don’t forget to read about the correct technique to use a breast pump that results in the best expression of milk through our step-by-step guide.

To help you get the job done with minimal fatigue and in no time, an electric breast pump is your best bet. Check out the best electric breast pump in India.

4. Nipple Cream

A nipple cream is a must-have product especially for a new mum about to start her motherhood journey. Ease the pumping and nursing pain with the best nipple cream for breastfeeding.

5. Feeding Pillow

You would certainly be drained out but need to feed the little munchkin time and again. A baby feeding pillow would always come to your rescue! Find the best baby feeding pillow and get yourself some comfort.

6. Bottle Sterilizer

Steam sterilizers are the most effective option for keeping the baby feeding supplies free from all types of germs. They can not only sterilize the feeding bottles but other accessories as well like breast pump parts, small toys, or pacifiers. Here we mention the best baby bottle sterilizer in India as per moms’ reviews, online ratings, and expert suggestions.

7. Hair Comb/Brush

Comb your baby’s hair with the softest brush for those delicate hairs. This Chicco comb and brush set is certainly every mum’s favorite

Diapering and Rash

Diapering the baby starts the day it is born. Here we are with the most important diapering items that you would ever need.

1. Baby Bed Protector

Whether you keep a baby in diapers or without diapers, a baby bed protector sheet is a must-have item. Ideally, you should invest in this product even before the baby arrives. But, if you have not, then go ahead and buy the best baby bed protector today as you would realize its importance once you use it.

2. Disposable Diapers

Today, diapers are an indispensable part of a baby’s daily routine. You can choose between normal diapers and pant-style diapers. But Pampers is our preferred choice for both.

3. Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are a reusable alternative to disposable diapers that are washable, economical, waterproof, sustainable, and most importantly, baby skin-friendly. Read to know everything about cloth diapers and to choose the best cloth diaper brand for your kiddo.

4. Baby Wipes

An easy and safe way to clean up a baby on the go is baby wipes. These are moist towelette, disinfecting wipes used for cleaning purposes, primarily for wiping bottoms, vomit, or drool of a baby. Do get the best baby wipes that are safe for the sensitive and tender skin of infants and can also be used for wiping the hands and faces of the baby.

5. Diaper Rash Cream

Whether you use cloth ones or disposable ones, they are always associated with the risk of an unwanted diaper rash. Even a slight appearance of this diaper rash can bring both the baby and the parent to tears. Always invest in good diaper rash creams and make the baby and its bums happy!

6. Cotton Nappies

Keeping the baby diaper-free is important. Or if you are a parent who wishes to keep the baby in cotton nappies, get the best ones from here.

Sleeping Essentials

Sleep is extremely important for a baby’s development. Invest in the best sleeping essentials for the most comfortable and sound sleep for your newborn.

1. Baby Sleeping Bag

A quality sleeping bag guarantees that a baby is refreshed when it wakes up. It has to be comfortable and affordable. Invest in the best baby sleeping bag in India for your little bundle of joy.

2. Baby Cradle

A cradle is the next best thing after the warmth of a mother’s arms. Keeping in mind the baby's development, safety, and care, a baby cradle is a must-buy baby gear. Get the best baby cradle in India and let your baby get into a peaceful and deep siesta for a long duration.

3. Best Baby Head Shaping Pillow

baby head shaping pillow has an important role in shaping the head and give comfort while sleeping. It acts as an important preventive measure to prevent flat head syndrome and keep the baby's head shape round. If you are on the lookout particularly for the mustard pillow, we have you covered with the top options for the best mustard pillow for the baby.

4. Automatic Baby Rocker

A rocker’s to and fro motion resembles a mother's womb and gently nudges the baby to deep sleep. To save your precious time and effort in finding the best rocker for your munchkin, we present to you the best available manual and automatic rocker in India.

5. Baby Blanket

A baby blanket is required to give that warmth to your baby and also for swaddling purposes. We recommend the LuvLap 100% muslin cotton 6 layered reversible baby quilt cum wrapper blanket for that extra comfort and best swaddling experience and the Brandonn ultra-soft baby blanket for the best sleep.

Outdoor Essentials

Babies are sensitive to new sounds, faces, textures, voices, and the environment. They learn by observing their surroundings. Take them outside the house to make them admire the world around them. Get the best essentials today!

1. Stroller

A baby stroller has become a necessity these days and is imperative to handle babies outside with ease. It allows “on the go” parents to carry their babies around almost everywhere while protecting them. Invest in the best baby stroller to make every outing memorable both for you and your baby.

2. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier allows carrying the baby anywhere and offering both the parent and baby comfort. Here are the best baby carriers in India to buy for your little one.

3. Car Seat

A car seat is a must-have item today for your little one’s safety. It allows you to take your baby anywhere on your own without any kind of dependencies on anyone. We would recommend LuvLap Sports Convertible Car seat for the best experience.

Washing Detergent and Utensil Cleanser

Newborns have extremely delicate skin and are also prone to infections. Always use a mild baby washing product for washing your baby's clothes and a gentle liquid cleanser for cleaning feeding equipment.


A mom always wants to calm the crying baby who is neither hungry nor in distress. To comfort the baby, pacifiers are helpful. Moms have relied on pacifiers for ages to soothe and calm a fussy and crying baby.

The most important benefit of the pacifier is associated with SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The use of a pacifier at night reduces the risk of SIDS and helps the infant sleep peacefully. It helps the baby relax and feel secure and also eases the discomfort if you are traveling. You should get the best pacifier for your newborn/breastfed baby.


Climate change invites mosquitoes and bugs. To keep the tender skin of your baby safe from stings and bites, you should always use the best baby mosquito repellents. These present an effective way to keep the baby safe from daunting mosquitoes. You should choose the ones that are natural and safe for your baby.

Colic and Gas

Every parent is aware that how gas or colic can make an otherwise happy baby, extremely irritable and cranky with continuous crying. You can relieve a baby from abdominal pain due to colic by giving a massage on the belly, burping the baby, folding the legs in a cycling position, or giving medicine prescribed by your pediatrician. Elders also recommend applying some asafoetida (hing) paste around the baby's belly button in a circular motion.

Usually, one-fifth of babies are colic between the 2nd and 4th weeks. One of the most preferred over-the-counter drugs prescribed for baby colic is Colicaid drops. Do check out our article to get complete information about Colicaid drops uses, composition, side-effects, and FAQ.

Health and Safety

Baby’s health and safety are always a matter of concern for the new parents and these are the items that you may require.

1. Forehead Thermometer

Babies cannot put a thermometer in their mouth. To be able to take your newborn’s temperature, get a forehead thermometer.

2. Nasal Aspirator

Stuffed nose may lead to interrupted sleep and irritability in the baby. A nasal aspirator is important to keep that mucus away from the baby.


Clothing for the newborn has to be extremely comfortable, soft, and cotton-based. Prefer front-open t-shirts as they are easy to handle on a newborn. You will understand this once you start dressing your new one. Decide on the extra layers of clothing if it is the winter season. Do check out these softest front-open t-shirts. Also, get these pairs of mittens, caps, and booties sets as you may need these to keep the baby warm and cozy.

Planning to buy baby products but not sure about the best baby product brands? You can also check out this article to know and choose the best baby product brand for your little bundle of joy.

We hope that our newborn baby shopping list can help you choose the must-have items for your newborn. We have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible and include every possible product that a newborn would need.

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